While there are many ways you can celebrate your bachelor party, there are six very popular ways in Las Vegas.

Celebrate at a Topless Show

One is the conservative way, and that is when you go see a topless or burlesque show. Those shows are fun to watch, and the girls are beautiful, and they are amazing dancers, but you will hardly get any personal attention, as you are just in the audience, watching. The girls will say hi to you after the show and take a picture, but there is no lap dance or nothing erotic. It’s just a show to watch.
bachelor party crew in las vegas

Check out the Strip Club aka “Gentlemens Club”

The second thing you can do is go to a strip club. Strip clubs are fun and convenient and open 24 hours. The drawbacks are they’re expensive and there is a lot of tipping, and there isn’t a lot of personal service. When you go to a strip club, you have to watch out for a lot of aggressive gold diggers who are there just to do whatever it takes to get money from you. It can be fun in a strip club, but for the most part the girls are annoying and aggressive. You don’t get to have any choice of what you really like. It’s whoever happens to be there and often you won’t see a girl you really are attracted to. You have to be lucky to find one like that.  If you do end up wanting to go to a strip club, be sure to check out their reviews first.

Hire strippers for your bachelor party

What’s awesome about this is that you have total control of the experience. Unlike the strip club, you can choose your girl ahead of time and then you can do whatever you want in your hotel room! You can buy liquor cheap and save money rather than spending it at the strip club. For example, in the club, a drink will cost $10 to $15 plus tip, so about $20. When you buy liquor from the liquor store and mixers, you end up spending maybe a dollar per drink. So you are spending 20 times more money when you spend at the club versus at your own hotel suite.  You can save money and reduce stress by hiring private bachelor party strippers instead.

Hire a topless card dealer for your poker party

With everyone afraid to go out (especially to the casinos) in 2020, how can you enjoy a top of the line poker party in the comfort of your own home?  Hire a sexy card dealer!  You can have a girl come to your house and dress anyway you like (bikini, lingerie, pasties, topless, you name it!) and make and serve drinks while preparing the table for games.  You can have the “Sin City Experience” with your friends in your own home, condo, clubhouse, airbnb, etc.

Have a stripper party on a luxury party bus

You can’t go to a strip club in 2020 and it’s not always suitable to have a party at your home or hotel room. Hotel’s might complain about the noise and also you can’t enjoy legal cannabis in the rooms. In a party bus, you don’t have the same strict rules as the casino and you never have to worry about the sound being too loud! You can also get a party bus with a stripper pole so the strippers can perform and show off some cool tricks!

Hire beautiful golf caddy girls

Who likes a sausage fest? No one! And why have one on the golf course? Especially when you’re in Las Vegas!  Take your golf game up a few notches and relax and let the girls serve you drinks or rub your shoulders and help you get in the ultimate gaming mood!  Our girls can also party with you on our exclusive Love Bunny party bus, on the way to and from the course.  Don’t be boring! It’s Sin City, let’s get wild!
So basically there are six great options for bachelor parties. Topless shows and strip clubs are fun, but ultimately, a private party in your hotel room or a stripper party on a party bus is the best way to celebrate your bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Another tip is you want to plan as far in advance
When it comes to preparing for your bachelor party, planning is the key. If you’re coming to Las Vegas, then you don’t want to get ripped off on the hotel room, so be sure to check with a wholesale hotel room website and see if you can find a better deal.
Also when you’re in Las Vegas, you want to plan ahead and get yourself on the free guest list for nightclubs. Otherwise, you have to wait in a slower line and pay top dollar to get in. Ask Opulence VIP for assistance with free nightclub guest lists!
celebrate your bachelor partyYou can go to the bar or restaurant or nightclub or strip club or to many places in Las Vegas that have many fun things that you can do, but the best thing you can do is have a custom, private bachelor party in your own hotel suite.
When you do this, you don’t have to worry about problems later on. Problems like getting to the strip club and avoiding the gold diggers and getting ripped off and having to tip everyone you see, which is the security guard and the door girl and the coat check and the VIP host and the bartender and the waitress and the VIP room guy and the stripper and the strip club room security guy. There are many hands to feed in the strip club, and most of the money you spend goes to the staff and maybe 10% gets to the dancer. That’s really too bad, and with a private room, most of the money goes to the girl, so you get to have 10 times more fun. Get it?
When it comes to finding private party strippers to entertain at your bachelor party, there’s only a few options.
You can go to a strip club and try to talk to a dancer
You can try this and talk her into meeting you outside the club, so she could strip at your party. This is very difficult to do, as most strippers don’t feel safe leaving the club or going to a hotel room to dance for some strangers without any kind of protection or safety or backup.
The stripper in the strip club will sweet talk you and give lots of lap dances, and you will spend a quite a bit of cash just to impress her enough so she will give you her fake cellphone number, or maybe a second phone number on her phone, which is meant just to give to customers so they can talk about when she’ll be at the club the next time. She will only use that number to let you know she’s working because she wants you to come back and spend more money on her. But they will never want to go on a date; it’s just an act. Also, to get them to dance for you at your room is really hard because often they think you are just lying or trying to trick or deceive them into coming to your room so you can have sex with them.
So to find a stripper girl to come dance with you, again, it is very hard at the strip club. Also, the club prohibits the girls from exchanging numbers, and they also will have nothing to do with letting the girl leaving with a customer because that is considered solicitation or prostitution, and so the girl can get fired and go to jail, and the customer can also get in trouble. So it’s very dangerous to try to find a stripper at a strip club to come to your party.
The other option is to find a private party stripper online
You can search for bachelor party strippers on Google, and you’ll get a list of websites to choose from. The ones at the top of the page are paying money to advertise there. In the middle of the Google page are map listings which show businesses that are locally listed, and after that you will see the natural listings. They are also called organic listings, and this is where you will find the websites that Google actually recommends.
When looking at the websites, be sure to check out the About Us section to really get to know who this company is. Do they list a physical address and a local phone number? If not, then they may not be safe enough to work with.
After that you want to look at the pictures and see if there’s any videos with the pictures, because videos prove that these people are real. If it’s only pictures, then you may not trust them. Always look for a website with strippers that use real pictures like us. And ff the website doesn’t show videos or have an active social media account (such as Instagram), then they might not be worth using.  
Check out the reviews
Make sure they have reviews that are listed on Google or Facebook or Yelp because you cannot cheat those reviews very easily, but anyone can make up a review and post it on their website. It’s always good to verify the website’s social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram as well. Also video testimonials are the absolute best because they’re no faking that!