How to avoid getting scammed by stripper websites

So you’re planning your big Vegas adventure and you know this is your time finally to let loose and get wild and crazy, “Hangover the movie” style! Who do you call for your stripper entertainment?  You could try a strip club but if you want the best personal experience, you should go with a private stripper party.  

How do you know if you can trust the agency you’re looking at?  We have a few tips to help prevent you from getting screwed and ruining your once-in-a-lifetime Vegas experience.

Does the website have any video of their strippers?

It’s far too easy to create a website and throw up a bunch of pictures of hot women and then start asking for money.  It’s extremely rare to find a stripper website anywhere in the U.S. that is honest.  Most use pictures of women that don’t work for them.  They will send to your room any girl that happens to be in the vicinity.  If you ordered a blonde, you’ll be lucky if a blonde shows up.  Some agencies are so bad, you’ll be lucky if the stripper shows up at all.  And when she does show up, it’s normally a girl who isn’t anywhere close as pretty as the girl in the picture.  And sometimes they’ll wear a wig just to fool you!  This is called the “Bait and Switch”. Bottom line is if an agency has real girls, then they should prove it.  It’s 2019.  It’s super easy to record a video.  If a website only has pictures and words, most likely they’re faking it.

Does the agency disclose their physical address in Las Vegas?

At Love Bunnies, we believe in being transparent and providing you with our address and contact info.  We have nothing to hide!  Of course, please do not visit our office without an appointment.  We have security for a reason 😉

Does the agency website hide their ownership information?

Scam agencies often hide their ownership information. This is so they can avoid prosecution by law enforcement. And if you search their domain name, you’ll find their ownership information is cloaked.  Don’t be fooled!  (You can check the ownership of any domain by searching the WHOIS directory).  If you search for Love Bunnies ownership information, you’ll see our name and physical address listed.  Again, we have nothing to hide as we’re the real deal.

Do they have any actual customer reviews?

Don’t just fall for a bunch of words on a screen.  Testimonials are EASILY FAKED!  You know what you can’t fake though?  Actual VIDEO of customers vouching for the dancers and the quality of service. Don’t get suckered by text only reviews.  Those are fake 99% of the time. 

Are they licensed and insured in Las Vegas?

If they don’t disclose this on the website then it’s possible they’re operating illegally.  You can simply ask the agency for proof. If they won’t provide proof of their business license then you might want to stay away from them.  Illegal agencies are not to be trusted. Especially those that operate outside of Vegas and use a 1-800 number.

Do they send out professional emails and follow up with text reminders?

If your communication is purely text based then this is a red flag.  You should be able to speak to someone on the phone.  If they handle your reservation sloppily then just imagine how bad their service will be.

Do they do background checks?

All of our bunnies have sheriff’s cards which means they’ve had a thorough background check and have been carefully screened by us. We don’t send strangers to you that we found on Craigslist or Backpage!  You’re getting top of the line, best of the best strippers.  These aren’t scary random chicks looking to rob you or have their pimp intimidate you.  It’s our number one priority to provide a safe atmosphere for our dancers and clientele.    

We know you’re in Vegas and in a hurry to have fun, but don’t skimp out on doing some research.  The difference is a beautiful sexy fun girl who shows up on time and gives you the time of your life.. or some middle aged, out of shape stripper who doesn’t look close to her pic, can barely dance, and is focused on hustling money out of you.

Still not sure if the girls are real? Simply call the agency and ask them to send you some type of proof that the girls on the site actually work for them. A video testimonial should suffice.  It takes two minutes.  If they can’t provide that, then you know the truth.

Hope this helps to prevent you from being scammed and ruining your time in Las Vegas!  And if you ever need any advice outside of stripping, such as VIP services like nightclub/pool party packages, please give us a buzz and we’ll be happy to help you out!  We can get wholesale rates on virtually everything in town, including hotel rooms and party buses.