Frequently Asked Questions

Read below and if you still have questions, feel free to call or text us anytime!  

Are the girls on your website real?

Hell yes! All of our Bunnies are 100% real and only work with us. Check out all our cute photos and videos on social media, we have tons of footage from our personal photo shoots and when we get together for parties. We LOVE taking selfies, and group shots. Also stay tuned for our new upcoming web tv series “the bunny life” coming soon!

Do the girls get naked?

Yes they get fully nude!

How wild do the girls get?

Great question!  Our girls can get wild or mild, crazy or conservative, it’s entirely up to you!  Our girls will entertain to your comfort level. 

How much do your Love Bunnies cost?

Our dancers all cost the same!

  • For a one-on-one experience, check out our Solo Bunnies.
  • For couples looking for an intimate experience, check out our Bunnies for Couples.
  • For groups of guys wanting to throw a party with 2-3 strippers (or more), check out our Party Packages.
How do I pay for this?

You have two options when booking with us:

You can:

A) Pay the booking fee ahead of time (online or by phone)

B) Pay the booking fee in cash to the dancer upon arrival

So what’s the difference?

If you choose Option A, you are paying the booking fee in advance and you will be given priority over customers who pay cash later.  

For example:

John orders Samantha for a solo show and decides to pay cash upon arrival. 

Bob also orders Samantha and chooses to pay the booking fee with his credit card.

Bob will get Samantha as he has already paid the booking fee.  John will have to choose from someone else.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.  You can also use Paypal, Cash by Square and Venmo.  We also accept Bitcoin

What’s the advantage of having strippers come to your room?
  • Enjoy all of the amenities of a strip club without leaving your hotel room…
  • NO inflated prices for watered down drinks…
  • NO more hoping your favorite stripper is working or available on a day you’ve scheduled your trip to Las Vegas.
  • NO more rip offs on so called “VIP” rooms and tables.
  • What you will get is personalized attention with the sexy bunnies that you hand select. Enjoying the convenience of your own room with non-stop entertainment, games, dancing and sexy girl on girl shows. Shhh.. what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Why choose the Love Bunnies?

The success of your party is based on you hiring a reputable team of professionals. We are that team! We go to great lengths to hire the most entertaining, sexiest, bunnies in Las Vegas. They will ensure your party is EPIC in every way. Each party is unique and unforgettable. Leave the planning to us. We are reputable, fully licenced, our Bunnies have been background checked and all carry sheriff cards.

Why should I trust your company?
  • We are licensed and insured in Las Vegas.
    • Most online agencies are not licensed or insured. That is why their websites lack any contact information. 
  • We are open 7 days a week. We are responsive to all texts, emails and voicemails received.
  • We are the ONLY exotic entertainment agency in the Las Vegas that is backed by the Better Business Bureau.
  • We are the only company to offer a refund policy.
  • The dancers shown are ACTUAL dancers that work for Love Bunnies. That is why we have so many photos and videos of the girls.  We can PROVE they’re real.  Try getting that from the other agencies!


Can you do a private show for Couples?

Absolutely! Our Bunnies will give a sensual warming session you and yours won’t soon forget. We bring the sexual excitement to you. Watch us play with each other and get super intimate. By request only, our Bunnies can feature a strap on show for you and your loved one. 1 or 2 Bunnies per erotic show. Make date night or an anniversary unforgettable. Visit our Bunnies for Couples page for more information.

Can you do Solo Shows?

We do offer shows for one person. Tired of working all day, need to relax, call us asap! Relax and have a Bunny all to yourself. She can give you sensual dances and of course a knock your socks off Sweet Treat Toy Show.  Visit our Solo Bunnies page for more information.

What is a Love Bunny?

We are much more than your ordinary stripper. We are Love Bunnies. We are hand selected from thousands of applicants from around the world.  We have gathered the best of the best to work for us in Vegas.  We don’t just take our clothes off… we come prepared to dance and play a variety of wild games.. we’re dressed to impress.. we bring a stereo, party lights, change for tips and music.. and we know how to dance, joke, do body shots, play games, and most of all, turn you on and make your party come to life!

Should I book now or wait until we arrive in Vegas?

Sooner is always better than later, especially if you want your choice of girls.  The more time you give us, the more options we can give you!

How can your competition promise a stripper in 20 min?

This is called WISHFUL THINKING. It is impossible to guarantee the stripper YOU PICK will be there given a 20 minutes notice. It can take over 20 minutes just to find parking! What they can promise is some amateur, poor quality “stripper” that is hanging around Las Vegas Blvd ready to rush to your door at any minute. Hopefully you won’t be picky because what you get is nothing close to what you see on their website. These strippers are usually found off Craigslist, they are NOT background checked or trained in any way, and they are sent to parties hoping the customer will feel guilty and be fooled into paying the fee when the dancer arrives. There could be no better case for the statement “Caveat Emptor” or “Buyer Beware!”.

How much should I tip the entertainer?

Tipping your Love Bunny is very important. As the person booking the party, you owe it to the entertainer to make sure all of the guests bring some money to tip the strippers. Now the guests can decide whether or not they want to tip or not, but at least they are prepared. And if the sexy entertainer rocks your world? Then tip everything you’ve got! Remember that all exotic dancers work for tips and the more money the dancer is making, the more time the dancer will spend at your party. And the more crazier she can get!

Why should I tip? I already paid the booking fee.. A lot of first-time party planners are under the false impression that tips are included in the booking fee. Not so! The dancers are paid a base fee for the party but primarily their money comes from tipping. This is their incentive to put on a great show and make sure that everyone is happy! The dancer will stay as long as the guests are tipping and having fun. When you’re done with your entertainer, simply let them know and they’ll wrap things up.  They can take group pictures at the end as well (per the dancers discretion).

What does a Love Bunny do to earn their tips? Most of the time the stripper drives an hour going back and forth, sometime even longer to your party. They had to do a lot to get ready ahead of time.  They arrive fresh and clean with hair and make-up ready and bring a stereo  as well as a playlist of music.  They strip, dance and play a variety of games to keep the party going. They do every trick in the book and will try their best to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied at the party. So tipping shows them that you appreciate their work. Tipping is simple. Just be fair and show them some love. And remember, the bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill 😉

How many Love Bunnies do you suggest for my group?

One bunny for 3-4 guys works out well. But book as many of us as you want, I know you want them all, it’s so hard to choose from so many hot, sassy bunnies.

Is a deposit or fee necessary to reserve the Bunnies?

No, you can book your party without a deposit.

When you pay the booking fee online, you will get priority over other customers who have not paid the fee yet.

So for a better selection of available dancers, it’s always better to pay the booking fee ahead of time.

How long does the party last and how long do the Bunnies stay?

Our special show lasts about an hour, but as long as the group is tipping and the Bunnies are happy, they will stay as long as you want. There is no additional fee if the Bunnies stay into the second hour. Tipping keeps us happy and shaking our tail feathers! If you start with an upgraded Sweet Treats Toy show or Bubble Bunny show it adds an additional 45 min to your time.

What are all the packages and parties you offer?

We specialize in all kinds of exciting shows.. Bachelor, Birthday, NFL Draft, Valentine Bunnies, March Madness, Divorce, and Corporate Parties. But let’s get real.. Anytime is a good time to have sexy Bunnies come to your room.

We want to surprise our bachelor, can we coordinate that?

Yes of course, it’s all in the timing. We will be ready!

What can I do to prepare for the Bunnies?

Once you have confirmed the time and location of your party, you are all set. Don’t worry about getting a ton of change, we will bring extra 1’s and 20’s with us. We bring the speakers, music, lighting, games, toys and props. Just prepare your largest bathroom for us to change in.

Our bachelor is nervous and shy, can you go easy on him?

Of course, our Bunnies will work with your groups comfort level. Even though he probably needs a little punishment, we don’t have to spank or embarrass him at all.

What can we expect from our booked show?

It will ultimately depend on which package you choose. Each package is coordinated and tons of fun. While we do focus on the guest of honor, we make sure everyone in the group is having  a great time. Think of the show as being a healthy blend of laughter, excitement, and an all around sexy stimulating show. Our Bunnies play adult XXX games like, hide and seek, feed the kitty, and a striptease show that will knock your socks off. Private dances and our Sweet Treat Lesbian Toy Show will feed your fantasies to the max. Enjoy the evening boys!

Why choose the Love Bunnies?

The success of your party is based on you hiring a reputable team of professionals. We are that team! We go to great lengths to hire the most entertaining, sexiest, bunnies in Las Vegas. They will ensure your party is EPIC in every way. Each party is unique and unforgettable. Leave the planning to us. We are reputable, fully licenced, our Bunnies have been background checked and all carry sheriff cards.

Are you hiring?

Yes you can apply online at do not call regarding employment.