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We were putting together a birthday bash on a boat and I needed to hire a couple girl strippers as well as a few female waitresses that didn’t mind walking around wearing next to nothing.  We hired the girls from Love Bunnies agency  and it turned out to be an awesome experience and I looked liked the hero who made it all happen 🙂  The girls were on time, super friendly and funny, not to mention sexy as hell!  We couldn’t have asked for anything better, and the wait staff was great too.

Johnny T


We had a stag party in Vegas and hired some love bunnies and all I can say is DAMNNN!!  These were some of the sexiest gals that I’ve ever see with bodies to die for (DROOOOOOOL).  Thx girls, come visit us in Winnipeg, we’ll show you a good time 😉

Keith A.

I recently coordinated a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas. Because our group was coed and varied in their comfort level (around strippers), I reached out to the General Manager of Love Bunnies with a variety of questions. The manager, Tiffany, was very patient in answering all of my questions. Following our discussions, I requested more of an entertaining and fun environment versus a sexual one. I was concerned they may not listen to my request. However, they came through and provided a fun and comfortable environment for our group. Everyone in the group bragged about how much fun they had (even our most conservative members). We hired Kimmy, Zara, and Keanu. They were all sexy, chill, and fun!

Niki Kissinger

from Google Reviews

I was looking for a classy, professional stripper agency as I’m the one hiring the stripper.  It was a surprise stripogram for my (now) husand.  The stripper arrived on time and was very good at being sexy without overdoing it as I had requested.  It’s nice to find a reputable agency that truly cares about making their customers happy and not just about making a quick buck.

Jenna S.

I came to Vegas with a few friends, celebrating a divorce. I know it’s a weird thing to celebrate but I had spent over a decade with someone who ended up betraying me and shattering my heart.  After a few months of feeling sorry for myself, my buddies convinced me to take a trip to Vegas.  We thought about going to a strip club but I’ve never liked those places with their smug security guards and overpriced drinks.  So they surprised me at our rental home with not one, not two, but THREE strippers!  We had eight guys so we definitely enjoyed the ratio.  And what’s really cool is the girls weren’t just trying to hustle and take our money.  They chatted and drank and had fun with us and were just overall super cool chicks.  So I just want to give a shout out to these girls for doing a great job.  Thank you Jasmine, Raven and Sierra!  You girls rocked our world 😉

Joe D.

Boise, ID

I was put in charge of planning my brother’s bachelor party in Vegas and was referred to Love Bunnies by a friend of mine who had used them before.  Our experience with this agency was outstanding.  I couldn’t believe the girl’s who showed up looked even better than their pics!  And they made my brother feel comfortable as he was a bit nervous (he’s kind of a pansy lol)  We had so much fun with bachelor humiliation.  That by itself is well worth it!

Francis Sutherland

Owner, Francis Fashion Fotography

Don’t waste your time and money at a strip club (I know from experience)… Get some Love Bunnies to your room. I promise you won’t regret it.

And the girls on their site are actually the ones that show up, unlike the other services I’ve tried. (Ask for Honey. She’s amazing!)

Best bachelor party ever!!!

Papa Bear

from Google Reviews

These girls are spectacular.. ask for their top 5 girls! They made my brothers bachelor party so special! We ordered 5 girls for a group of 20, we got to customize the entire experience. Shower show for the bachelor, adult games for the group, then a girl on girl show. They didn’t disappoint us! Nicely done Love Bunnies! Thank you!

Jean Reda

from Google Reviews


Yo yo yo yo book these girls!! They’re more than just strippers, these girls can really GET DOWN AND WILD OUT!!!  Get the toy show and the twerk tsunami.  You will NOT be disappointed!!!

Malcolm M.

from Facebook Reviews

I wanted to throw the BEST fantasy football draft party for my league and decided to go balls out and hire some party entertainment!  Hiring the girls to be draft bunnies / strippers was the best idea I’ve had in a long time.  All the guys had fun but the best part was the girls distracted some of them and helped me to draft the players I wanted to get.  Haha my plan was a success!  The girls made and served drinks and snacks, did body shots with us, played dirty games to distract us while we were picking our players.. and the finale to the party was a girl-on-girl toy show and lap dances. My friends were never bored.  Definitely a draft party that will go down in league history!

Steve R.

Owner, CWH

So me and the boys came all the way from London to celebrate my best friend’s bachelor party.  We got a suite at the MGM Skylofts and since we paid so much money for the place, it only made sense to throw the party in there!  We had gone to a strip club the last time we were in Vegas and we just felt like we were nothing more than walking wallets.  There wasn’t a real VIP experience as I had hoped for and we left basically broke and disappointed.  So this time we tried hiring private strippers and Love Bunnies delivered!  These girls were hotter than the strip club girls but more importantly, made us all feel good as everyone got attention and affection.  I never laughed harder than when I saw Raj with his shirt off and wearing a unicorn dildo.  Fucking classic!!  We’ll never let him forget that lol. 


Max Realty

You will have a blast. Sexy girls. But most importantly they are super cool and will make sure your experience is excellent. My entire party had nothing but good things to say. Hiring them got me much praise.
Eric Rosa

from Google Reviews

I was a little skeptical at first but I couldn’t resist anymore. So glad I made the call. Had the night of my life!

Aaron Sherman


My best friend’s wish for his bachelor party was to go to Vegas and check out EDC, but we also wanted the stripper experience.  So instead of hitting the strip club, which we really didn’t have the time for, we decided to check out what Vegas has to offer for in-room stripper entertainment and that’s when we discovered the love bunnies.  I requested them to dress “EDC style” and they came looking perfect.  They wore light up bikini tops and bottoms with light up bunny ears.  Arielle went all out with her makeup and extensions! It was awesome and my boy loved it.  Really got us in the mood for EDC.

Chris Perro


Wow! That’s all I can say.  I was the best man for my friend Ron’s bachelor party and I had to put the whole party together myself. I had no idea what to do until my friend told me about Love Bunnies.  They came to my house and put on the best stripper party I’ve ever seen!  They were wild and funny and embarrassed my friend Ron by making him take off his shirt and walk on his arms and legs and bark like a dog lol.  We couldn’t stop laughing it was so hilarious.  I literally choked on my beer!

Juan V.

Light Eyes