Most people have no idea what it’s like to hire a private stripper. And a lot of people have (unfortunately) never attended a fun wild bachelor or bachelorette party before. Most people may have gone to a strip club (aka gentlemans club) so they’re familiar with dancing girls and tipping. But how do you tip a male or female stripper at a private party? We have some answers below for you πŸ™‚

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Is tipping required?

When it comes to tipping, it is NOT optional (the only case it’s not is when it’s a ALL-INCLUSIVE type of party where gratuity is already included). When hosting or hostessing an adult party, please make sure your guests understands that tipping is required.

Some people may mistakenly believe that you tip the stripper 15-20% at the end of the party, like a waiter or waitress at the restaurant. Strippers are NOT waiters. I repeat, they are NOT waiters, waitresses or bartenders. They are coming to you and getting naked and dancing for your amusement. Because of that, they need to be tipped much better. Also tipping is part of the fun! Most male or female strippers will not only give you a lap dance, but they can play adult games and activities that can get everyone involved at the party.

Almost everything a stripper does it tip-oriented. So please make sure your guests understand this and bring sufficient loose money to tip with.

Mistakes to avoid

One mistake is when the guests are not told to tip or bring tip money. For example, there are 20 people at the party but only 8 are tipping while the rest of the guests are just sitting there and watching. This makes the party less enjoyable as the people who are tipping feel obliged to spend more money on behalf of the guests who are not tipping. You don’t have to tip a lot but at least tip something. It’s an insult to a stripper to expect lap dances for free.

Exotic dancers/entertainers rely greatly on tips. Here are some reasons strippers need tips to dance at your party:

  • Travel expense including gas and wear and tear on their vehicles. This can also include tipping out a driver or security host.
  • Regular grooming maintenance including haircuts, hair coloring, waxing and threading of eyebrows, manicures, pedicures, etc. Also tanning beds, spray tans, facials, and nonsurgical face enhancements (fillers/botox/PRP) .
  • Costs for plastic surgery such as breast or butt augmentation.
  • Clothing such as lingerie, bikinie, underwear, panties, thongs, g-strings, costumes, jewelry, shoes, etc.
  • Maintaining a fit and attractive body through regular exercise and good eating habits.
  • Researching, downloading and editing music to be used for parties.
  • Purchasing and replacing heavily used equipment such as loudspeakers and party lights.
  • Items for adult party games such as baby oil, whipped cream, gummies, candies, blind folds, toy handcuffs, whips, etc.
  • Having cash on hand (usually $100-400 in stacks of a hundred ones) to provide change for all of your guests at your party
  • Paid photo and video shoots with professional photographers. Models can shoot many times in order to find the right media to use for their profile page.
  • Promotional tools such as business cards, mini-flyers, etc.

How do I tip them?

It’s important when tipping to do it with fun and enthusiasm. The strippers love it when guests are having fun and screaming and throwing money on them (making it rain). The exotic dancers feed off of this energy and the more fun and tips, the longer the dancer will stay at your party. The lap dances and adult fantasy shows only get better when the tips are good. At the end, you’re welcome to tip the stripper again if you feel like they did an excellent job and completely satisfied you and your guests. It’s classy and impressive if you tip the dancer with an envelope of cash at the end before they leave. You don’t have to do this, it’s completely optional but it shows the dancer how much you appreciated them.

What is the average tip?

When it comes to parties for men (bachelor, birthday, etc), the average standard for tipping is usually $50.00 to $200.00 per guest.

When it comes to parties for women (bachelorette, divorce, etc), the average is more around $20.000 to $50.00 per guest.
These are only industry standards, you can tip as little or as much as you wish!

If you book multiple dancers and wish to tip a lot to one specific dancer, make sure it’s clear in front of the other dancers as sometimes the girls might think that tip is for all of them. Often in multiple dancer parties, the girls will split all of the group tips at the end.

Low on cash? No worries, savvy and legitimate strippers will not have a problem receiving tips electronically, such as through payment services like Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, Apple Pay, just to name a few.

Where can I get loose change?

It’s easy to get change!  Just go to your local bank and get a few hundred in one’s.  Or if you have a casino in your town, you can go there and see the cashier.  Often they will give you as much change as you want as they think you are going to gamble.  You can also just ask any cashier at any store and see if they can give you some change.  Usually they can give you $20 to $40 in one’s if you ask nicely.

In conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to reach this article and hopefully it has helped answer any questions regarding how much to tip a stripper. Remember, tipping isn’t just an obligation. It’s a show of appreciation.