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Are you looking to have the best and wildest experience with gorgeous strippers in Las Vegas?  Well look no further! Our exotic entertainers are perfect for groups, couples, or the solo gentleman. Our bachelor party strippers in Las Vegas are 100% real.  We don’t bait and switch. 

 Check out our Love Bunny Strippers now, we post new pictures and videos daily and we add new girls every month.

More than just Strippers

Love Bunnies offers only the highest-rated top-shelf exotic entertainers in Las Vegas. Our extremely attractive girls can provide a variety of services, including: Strippers, Exotic Dancers, Bachelor Party Strippers, Private Party Dancers, Superbowl and Fantasy Sports Draft Parties, Golf Caddies, Sushi Models, Card Dealers, Topless Servers and Bartenders, Companions, Escorts, Fantasy Dates, and more!

Our girls are ready to make your wildest dreams a reality.  You can rest assured that we have taken a great deal of time to make sure the entertainers we send to you are top-notch and of the highest quality.  They come prepared with music, lights, adult toys and props, whatever they need to make sure your party goes the way you want it.  All you have to do is relax and enjoy your naughty striptease show (and lap dances!).

If youโ€™re planning a party in Vegas and you want it to be the best ever, then be sure to invite the Love Bunnies ๐Ÿ˜‰


Other Las Vegas stripper websites use FAKE PICTURES to trick you into booking with them.

They will tell you that their private strippers are real but they will never prove it.

You can see that our private party strippers are real by watching this video.

With Love Bunnies, What You See Is What You Get!

Las Vegas Strippers
Las Vegas Strippers

Love Bunnies and Wild Entertainment are well aware of COVID-19 and we are proactively practicing mitigation procedures with our entertainers and closely screening them as well.

We will NOT allow any of our entertainers to work with any signs of illness for the time being as a safety measure.  Your safety is our number one priority and we will only allow healthy strippers to come to you!

You have the choice of wearing a mask or not.  We will not discriminate either way.  At Love Bunnies, we believe that the customer and the entertainer have the right to make their own decisions in the privacy of their own hotel room, home or Airbnb.  We also believe in freedom of speech, equality, and the right to choose how to live your life and how you protect yourself from the dangers in our world.   


We are asking any of our clients that are displaying signs of illness to refrain from attending the party. If any guest is sick at the party then the strippers may leave for their safety.

We ask any guest attending the party to wash their hands frequently and to drink plenty of water at the event.

We also encourage the use of hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes.

  • We can provide fake money bills (upon request) that you can exchange with real money to use for tipping
  • We bring fresh new clothes/lingerie for each party (no reuse)
  • We bring fresh new sheets and pillow cases for our more intimate adult shows
  • Our adult toys and props are always cleaned and sanitized after every use
  • Our girls are the classiest in the business.  They arrive freshly showered and shaven and ready to put on a great show!
  • Our strippers know the city of Las Vegas and also make excellent hosts and companions! 

Don’t get fooled by websites that show you fake pics and no videos. Read this article on “How to avoid getting scammed”.


You can’t get that at the strip club as most of them are topless only. 

Our parties include dancing, stripteases, lap dances, erotic games, sex toy shows, body shots, bedroom dances and more.

Get ready because we’re bringing the heat! ๐Ÿ”ฅ


These bisexual babes will put on a show that youโ€™ll never forget. Let loose and enjoy yourself as our bunnies get wet and wild in your shower or hot tub! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฆ

We only use 100% real pictures & videos of our Las Vegas strippers

Don’t get fooled by websites that show you fake pics and no videos. Read this article on “How to avoid getting scammed”.

Our bunnies get NAKED!

Our Las Vegas stripper parties include dancing, stripteases, lap dances, erotic games, sultry strip shows, sex toy shows, body shots, bedroom dances, fully nude girl-on-girl action and more. We bring the heat! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

We feature the hottest Las Vegas strippers and XXX stars!

These bisexual babes will put on a show that youโ€™ll never forget. Let loose and enjoy yourself as our bunnies get wet and wild in your shower or hot tub! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฆ


The Intoxication of Exotic Entertainment in Las Vegas

The “Entertainment Capital of the World,” aka Las Vegas, is well-known throughout the world for its exciting nightlife and wide variety of entertainment options. While the city offers an array of entertainment alternatives, exotic entertainment stands out. Exotic entertainment is quite popular in Las Vegas for a variety of reasons, including its historical background, the distinctive atmosphere of the city, and the desire for life-altering experiences.

Ancient Roots

The origins of exotic entertainment in Las Vegas may be attributed to the city’s transformation in the middle of the 20th century. During this time, Las Vegas started to broaden its appeal beyond only being a place to gamble and turned into an all-encompassing entertainment destination. To draw a wider and more diversified audience, exotic entertainment was artfully incorporated. The city’s stages were graced by well-known performers like the legendary Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, and Elvis Presley, which paved the way for the introduction of exotic entertainment.

The debut of topless showgirls in the early 1960s was a significant turning point. This action sparked a great deal of discussion and debate, but it also signaled the start of a new era for Las Vegas. Exotic entertainment venues grew in popularity, adding to the city’s reputation as a location where visitors could have an unusual experience.

Authentic Setting

Las Vegas has a distinctive atmosphere that increases the allure of exotic entertainment. The city’s vivacious ambiance, which is marked by flashing lights, opulent hotels, and a culture of nonstop partying, makes it the perfect setting for such shows. In Las Vegas, where there is continual energy and excitement, everything is often possible and inhibitions are frequently abandoned at the door.

Exotic entertainment venues in Las Vegas spend a lot of money on lavish dรฉcor that immerses visitors in strange worlds. Rich furnishings, gorgeous lighting, and excellent audio systems all add to the immersive atmosphere. These places satisfy the need for escape by letting guests temporarily forget about their daily routines and enter a world of fantasy, arousal and attraction.

Variety of Experiences

The sheer variety of options is another factor in the appeal of exotic entertainment in Las Vegas. Almost every taste and inclination may be catered for in the city. There are several options, ranging from classic strip clubs to burlesque performances, male revues, and private cabarets.

In addition, Las Vegas has recently begun to offer more inclusive and gender-neutral entertainment options. This growth ensures that everyone may discover something that speaks to them and reflects shifting society attitudes. The city’s dedication to offering entertainment for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds is shown in the variety of exotic entertainment.

Discovering Memorable Experiences

Exotic entertainment is a big part of why people travel to Las Vegas in the first placeโ€”they want to make experiences that will last a lifetime. These performances engage audiences because they promise an out-of-the-ordinary experience. Exotic entertainment in Las Vegas delivers on its promise to provide amazing moments, whether it’s seeing world-class performers, meeting with charismatic artists, or taking part in an immersive extravaganza.

Many tourists see their trip to Las Vegas as an opportunity to push their boundaries and indulge in activities they might not otherwise have access to. To go places undiscovered and to do things never imagined. Their trip becomes a memorable chapter in their tour through Las Vegas thanks to the thrill and attraction of exotic entertainment, which adds another level of adventure and adrenaline to their stay.

Exotic entertainment is extremely popular in Las Vegas due to its rich history, distinctive atmosphere, variety of offerings, and quest for life-changing events. Exotic entertainment is a crucial component of Las Vegas’ entertainment scene and continues to enthrall spectators from all over the world. It is evidence of the city’s capacity to change and adapt, offering visitors experiences that are exceptional and unforgettable. Exotic entertainment continues to be a shining diamond in the crown of the “Entertainment Capital of the World” in the ever changing tale of Las Vegas.

Solo Stripper

private stripper las vegas


Bored in your fancy hotel room? Would you like some company? A solo bunny is a stripper who can come to you for a one-on-one experience. Our strippers look EXACTLY like their pictures (we don't "Bait and Switch" like everyone else). They will come to you dressed in clothes that you prefer and will bring a speaker and lights to help enhance the mood. They will give you a better VIP experience then you can get at the club!

Couples Romance

stripper for couples romance las vegas


Are you a couple who's looking to spice things up in the bedroom?  Are you looking for the perfect experience and are tired of trying to find this girl on your own? Look no further!

Fantasy Date

companions escorts for hire las vegas


Looking for a romantic night? Hire a Fantasy Date today!

Bachelor Party

bachelor party strippers las vegas


Celebrate your bachelor party with the wildest girls in Las Vegas! We can totally customize your experience to make sure it goes exactly the way you want. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at the strip club when most of that money goes to the owner? Have the girls come to your room and make it rain and they'll do more because they're making more!

Karaoke Girls

karaoke hostess las vegas


Looking for a more fun personal connection with our girls?  Why not take them to an ultra karaoke lounge and party the night away!

Golf Bunnies

golf caddy girls las vegas


You didn't come to Vegas to play golf with only your guy friends did you?  Save that sausage party for when you're home! You're in Vegas baby, do it right!

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  1. We are an Award Winning Agency that specializes in Exotic Entertainment for Men
  2. We are Licensed and Insured in Las Vegas
  3. A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau
  4. 5 Star Reviews on Google and Yelp
  5. Our exotic dancers are hand picked and carefully screened
  6. We use 100% REAL PHOTOS & VIDEOS of our girls
  7. Our dancers have wonderful personalities
  8. Our girls are down to earth and love to party!
  9. We do not hire hustlers, scam artists, or anyone affiliated with criminals
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