Hey if you read this article then you must have survived the crappy covid years of 2021 and 2022.  Now it’s time to get wild again as Las Vegas has fully opened and we are ready to rock and roll! This article will explain to you why it is better to have a private stripper party than to go to a strip club.

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What are private stripper parties?

A private stripper party is like having your own strip club except you have many more options. For example you will save a ton of money by not having to pay for a cab to the strip club and for admission to the club and for expensive drinks and bottles. You will also not have to tip everyone you run into such as the bouncer and the cashier and the waitress. Strip clubs are fun but they are open to the public and there is no control when it comes to your safety. Any person can come in the club and harass you and even get enough fight with you and sometimes criminals will go into the club and they could steal from you or try to fight you in the club or rob you outside the club. So strip clubs often aren’t the safest places and you won’t always meet the nicest people there. With a private stripper party the guestlist is completely under your control and only your friends and special guests can attend.

And when it comes to having a good time some people want to smoke weed or do other things that are not allowed in the strip club. So there is a huge benefit in that regards. In strip clubs you will often find out that 80% of the girls working there are just hustlers. It’s not their fault, it’s how they were taught to make money but they are all going to tell you a story to get you to like them so you’ll go in the VIP room and spend as much money as possible before they blue ball you to death and tell you to go home and have a nice day. Also in strip clubs the dancers cannot go completely nude. Or in some nude clubs they will not serve alcohol.

Regardless, you can have completely nude strippers in your private suite and you can party and do whatever you want. Strip clubs are open to the public so there is no privacy meaning that your friend or family member or someone from school can see you in the club and perhaps get you in trouble. Especially with social media these days. It’s very important to ensure your privacy for special intimate events. The best way to celebrate is by hiring bachelor party strippers for your suite or airbnb.

private party strippers vs strip clubs

Private Party Strippers vs Strip Club Strippers

Also if you want to party with a stripper outside the strip club then be prepared to be scammed as most strippers will promise to meet you outside the club but will only take your money ahead of time and not meet you later as promised. Or if they do come to your room they often are criminals who want to steal your watches and jewelry and your wallet including money and credit cards so be aware that they know how to spike drinks and how to play this insidious game. They can also have their pimp come to the room and use intimidation tactics to get you to pay for their show up fee or for a tip or for whatever.

When you work with an agency that is reputable and is advertised on Google then you can rest assured that you are in a safe hands because they are legal and do not want to lose their business license or get a bad review on Google. If you’re not certain if strip clubs are a good value then simply go to their Google business page and look at the reviews and see for yourself. If the private stripper party agency has better reviews than the strip club, then you know what the answer is. So if you’re looking for a private stripper for a one on one, be sure to go with a safe stripper agency.

Things you can’t do in a Strip Club

  • Not abide by the dress code
    • If you wear something they don’t like, they’ll make you buy an expensive t-shirt to cover up in or remove your hat exposing your messy hair or worst case, make you leave.
  • You can’t take off your shirt and wear your tie on your head and act like a party animal lol
  • You can’t skip the line to go to the bathroom
  • You can’t do recreational drugs out in the open
  • You can’t smoke weed
  • You can’t bring your own liquor
  • You can’t act too crazy and get too wild


Things you can do at your private stripper party

  • Wear whatever clothes, shoes and hats you want
  • You can take off your shirt and wear your tie on your head and act like a party animal
  • You don’t have to wait in line to go to the bathroom or share it with a bunch of strangers
  • You can consume whatever you want
  • You can smoke weed
  • You can bring your own liquor
  • You can get as wild and crazy as you want! (just not too crazy or you’ll scare off the girls lol)


What’s safer, a private stripper party or a strip club?

It’s a thousand times safer in your own hotel suite where you’re in full control of what’s going on then in a strip club where you don’t know anyone and you are the least important person there. If anything goes wrong the club is gonna put the blame on you as they don’t want to take responsibility for anything that could lose them money. Which means if a girl screws you over most likely they’ll be on the girls side and try to get your money no matter what and they won’t fire the girl because she is making them money regardless. If you get wasted and act a fool then you could get kicked out and then your party could be ruined because your best friend is on the streets so everyone has to go. Who’s gonna leave their friend behind?

In your own private party you can take care of your friend and let him sleep it off in the guest room. Of course we don’t have to talk about gangsters and pimps and thugs because they will not be allowed in your room but they can go into a strip club and harass you if they wish.

Customers in strip clubs can also be ome possessive about girls and if you’re liking a certain girl you may have to fight over her with another customer. And the worst is the mean stripper who acts crazy and gives you major grief. There are many horror stories about these girls, just read the customer reviews on a strip club’s google business page or yelp page. With a reputable agency, they will have strippers who are the dream girls that you want. Fun beautiful girls that are polite and kind and friendly and wild and fun and not a faker hustling to take all your money or scare you with their pimp.

Strippers in a Strip Club

  • Often are hired because the club wants bodies to make it look busy and full of girls
  • Will hire girls even if they are scandalous or want to scam or hustle customers
  • Are not worried about upsetting one customer when they are used to hundreds of tourists visiting every day
  • They cannot get fully nude (in most clubs) nor can they dance for you in a private room
  • If you pay for a private VIP room, you are really just getting a cubicle or small couch in an open space surrounded by other customers and dancers, along with waitresses and bouncers. So there is not actual privacy.
  • The strippers will make excuses to leave for the bathroom and take breaks and after they’ve taken all of your money, they bounce to go find another customer
  • Strippers like to party but are prohibited from doing so at the club
  • Strippers are coerced by club management to pressure customers into buying many expensive drinks.  
  • Because the club is open to the public, there are many restrictions.. the girls can’t get fully nude or do a live sex show in front of you.  And often strippers will try to dance without taking their tops off, forcing the customer to keep tipping for more nudity.  They will often use nudity as an excuse to lure you into the more expensive VIP room in the club.

Strippers (who work for an agency) at your private party

  • Stripper agencies are different than strip clubs.  Strip clubs will hire hundreds of girls mainly to make the club look busy.  They do not care if a dancer has a boring personality or has malicious intent to drug the customers and steal from them.  They will only fire the girl after the incident has happened but they don’t do enough to prevent it from happening in the first place.
  • Stripper agencies usually have about 10-20 girls on their actual roster.
  • Most stripper agencies are just as shady and unprofessional as most strip clubs.  Only a few stripper agencies seem to be reputable now days.
  • At Wild Entertainment and Love Bunnies, their goal is to provide great personal entertainment and to be a better alternative to the strip club.
    • The strippers they hire are background checked and go through a lengthy interview process.  At Wild, the last thing they want is for a customer to get screwed over or taken advantage of.  So they work hard to maintain a roster of the highest quality of girls possible.
    • We will not hire a girl who has ties with criminals or gangs.
    • We will not hire a girl who has felonies on her record
    • We will not hire a girl who is boring, stuck up, entitled, or rude.
    • We will only hire a girl who will deliver the best experience for our VIP clientele
  • Private party strippers are more laid back and fun than club strippers.  Most club strippers tend to come from South America and bring with them an extreme hustle mentality. This means you’re going to get a ton of pressure to buy dances and drinks and in the end, you’re just another sucker who emptied their wallet at the club.
  • Private strippers are more open to getting fully nude and some are adult film stars who can put on a real sexy fantasy.. like a girl-on-girl show for example.
  • They can also get wet and wild in the shower, bathtub, pool or jacuzzi.
  • At a house party, the VIP rooms are your living room, family room and bedrooms.
  • Strippers will not coerce you to drink because there is no incentive for them to do so.  So they will have more fun because it’s a more natural party setting.
  • Because your private party is closed to the public, there are no restrictions.. the girls can get fully nude and do a live sex show in front of you.  The possibilities of exotic entertainment are endless!


In Conclusion

While there are many ways to have adult fun in Sin City, the majority of adult service providers tend to be on the shady side. The only way to ensure your safety and guarantee of a great time is to work with an agency that has a great reputation and takes great care when hiring and screening their entertainers.

Many strippers in Las Vegas are not the ethical and trustworthy kind. Unfortunately many are brought here by the lure of quick money and often they get caught up in the world of drugs and pimps and sex trafficking. This is a sad scene and not one you want to be a part of.

If you want to have a great experience then pick the best agency that cares the most. I wish there was a strip club that felt this way but you’ll soon realize by going to them that most follow the same formula and that is to lure the customer in with false advertising and to extract as much money as possible. They don’t think about repeat business in the long term as much as getting the most money at once because they rely on new and naïve visitors that come to Vegas every year. This is why many people have bad experiences with strip clubs.

When choosing a stripper agency, look for one that doesn’t “bait and switch” and has positive google reviews.