Strippers on Jersey Shore the TV Show

Our Love Bunnies were recently featured in the latest episode of Jersey Shore’s Family Reunion! The cast was celebrating Angelina’s wedding and came together for a surprise bachelor party, courtesy of a custom stripper truck.

The girls who were on the show are: Vanessa, Zyla, Dahl, and Stella.  

It was a crazy few nights shooting this episode.  The Love Bunnies had to come to Lake Las Vegas twice because the first time the shoot got delayed.  The second time, the cast was ready and the girl’s arrived in a custom built strip truck! (courtesy of  The cast of Jersey Shore had a blast as they shot money in the air with money guns and danced outside while the girls danced, gyrated, and spun on the pole inside the truck.

A funny scene barely noticeable is when the truck screeched to a stop upon arrival, sending the girl’s flying in the air and on the ground.  Ouch!  Luckily no one got hurt 😉

Vinnie’s uncle really had a good time as he approached the truck and started licking the glass window in front of one of the stripper’s bootie.  The Jersey Shore family laughed and smiled and enjoyed this spontaneous surprise which was meant to help Angelina celebrate her wedding.

VIDEO courtesy of MTV

Show Recap

This season of MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” almost never aired!  The girls on the show were no longer on speaking terms as they were fighting online with a full-scale Twitter war.

Luckily the finale was able to reunite them in an empty hotel with strippers.  Alcohol was drank, friendships were rekindled, and a suprise bachelor party was enjoyed!

A lot of surprises happened on the show.  Mike “The Situation” had a “situation” with his lopsided nippled.  There was a waiter fully decked in a hazmat suit.  And a contortionist named Ariana surprised the fellas by performing on the stripper bus.

The family became a family again as they helped Angelina celebrate her wedding.. this time the right way 😉

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