Your Las Vegas Bachelor Party Should Have Strippers


If you want to plan the ultimate bachelor party in which everyone has the best time of their life and you look like a super star for setting the whole thing up, then look no further!  This guide will give you tips and tricks to help you setup an ultra lux premium bachelor party.  You’ll need to rent a place (AirBNB, Hotel Room or Suite, etc) and you’ll want to make sure you understand all the rules of the venue you secure

Bring the Strippers to You

You can have an exotic dancer or companion come to you instead of going to the club.  You want to try hooking up with a stripper? You think you got game?  Well, you’ll have better chances with a girl that’s not working at the club.  The club is VERY strict about stripper’s giving their personal contact info to a customer inside the club.  Girl’s can get fired for this and they don’t want to lose their job.  Often strippers will give a fake number or a second number to the customer and trick them into giving them money for the promise of meeting them outside the club later.  Don’t be fooled.  This never happens plus it’s illegal.  The strippers can NOT leave the club with one of the customers.  Every club abides by this rule.  So if you really want to meet a stripper outside the club or in your hotel room then you’re best off hiring a stripper from a reputable agency.  For a list of agencies that meet these standards, visit the Strippers Guide.

No Dress Code

You can dress however the hell you want at your own place / room!  Want to have a topless party? Let’s do it?  Want to make it bottomless? Fuck it! We can do it all 😉

Cheaper Gambling

Why waste money on waitresses, VIP hosts, the dealer, etc.  Save money by hosting your own party!  The money you save on drinks along are more than worth it.

Rent an AirBNB if you want to smoke weed

Weed is legal now in Vegas but you can’t just smoke it anywhere.  It’s illegal to smoke it in a hotel room / suite, car or in public.  You can buy from any dispensary as long as you have the proper ID and are of age.  But if you want to actually SMOKE the weed, then you’re better off in an AirBNB home that doesn’t have the same restrictions as the hotel.

Avoid the Strip Clubs like the Noid

Strip Clubs are notorious for ripping people off.  From the overpriced admission fees to all the tipping (door man, ticket girl, coat check, host, waiter, security, and of course, last but not least, the dancer) plus the overpriced drinks, you’re much better off having a stripper party at your own place.  You’ll save yourself $50 per person (admission alone) plus an average of $100-200 per guest in alcohol. All the money you save should be spent on the actual dancer who’s doing all the work entertaining.  At strip clubs, the girls keep maybe 30-50% of the money they make.  In private parties, it’s closer to 80-90%.  That’s why strippers do much more at private parties.  It’s not worth doing so or they can’t at the clubs.


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