How To Plan Your Own Vegas Bachelor Party

So you’ve given yourself the responsibility of planning your own bachelor party.  Now what?

First, gather a census of what your friends would like to do.  9 times out of 10 they want to do something exotic and wild!  You don’t plan a bachelor party that consists of dinner and a show. Boring!  You can do that anywhere.  What about going for a hike or a walk on the beach?  Perfect if all of your friends are into romantically dating each other lol.  

How about bringing some hot girls into the mix and really spicing things up?  That’s where Love Bunnies can help!  If you want to check out their reputation, look at the parent company who runs them.  It’s Wild Entertainment and they are the #1 exotic agency in the United States.  Check out their website and see for yourself!

Okay so here are some tips on how to plan your Las Vegas style bachelor extravaganza!

Plan ahead of time and do plenty of research
The more time you plan, the better fun you’ll have. It’s that simple! Be sure to book your room months in advance. That way you’ll be guaranteed the best rate. Also try not to book your room at the same time as a big event or convention. This can cause room prices to skyrocket. If you check out rooms at, you’ll be able to request a quote for a room or suite. They have been know to find rooms for almost 20-80% off! Don’t be afraid to stay in a hotel off the strip. Aside from uber fees, you’ll save money on resort fees, parking fees, and the prices of restaurants and attractions are lower than on the strip.

Get a Suite!
If you’re going to come to Vegas to party, do it right! Why stay in a small room when for a little more, you can splurge on a sick pimped out suite! There are so many cool suites in Vegas and there are costs and benefits of each one. For example, what comes with mosts suites are a king sized bed, wet bar with refrigerator, sofa bed, large screen televisions and plenty of open space to dance or get crazy. You wanna be a baller on a budget? It’s all good! Keep reading to learn more.

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
Unless you did it on Facebook or Instagram! But seriously, Las Vegas has so many fun attractions, events, games, the possibilities are endless. Here are some cool ideas:\

Escape XXX – Adult Themed Escape Room
Shoot Zombies in Virtual Reality – At Level Up, you’ll find the best VR games to play.
702 The Range – Shoot all kinds of guns
De Ja Vu Adult Museum – Check out the history of adult entertainment and sex
Speed Vegas – Ride some exotic cars

Save Money By Bringing Supplies
The most expensive things you can buy in Las Vegas are the drinks and snacks that come with your room and that are for sale by the hotel. This is the easiest way to waste your money. Why buy a $10 bottle of water from the hotel when you can buy a case of 24 bottles for $5 at the store? Why spend $15 on a cranberry vodka at the hotel bar when you can buy a 1.75 liter of Vodka for $15 which can serve over 20 drinks? It’s pretty obvious that if you plan and purchase alcohol ahead of time, you will save 100-1000% from hotel costs.

Sexy Shows Over Strip Clubs
Most girls out there don’t want their future husband celebrating his bachelor party with a bunch of naked girls dancing all over him. So they would prefer that he enjoy a sensual experience watching a sexy burlesque show. Show’s like this include Fantasy at the Luxor, Sexxy at the Westgate and X Burlesque at the Flamingo.

Sexy Golf Fun
The Taylor Made Experience is south of the strip and has awesome views from it’s driving range and also has a lit up 9 par 3 course. Next to MGM Grand is Top Golf which is a lot of fun.

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