A great way to celebrate a weekend with your friends in Las Vegas is with some beautiful golf caddy girls.

Why a golf caddy girl is more fun than playing golf without one

Playing on the golf course with your male friends and not a single pretty female in sight can make it seem like a bit of an outdoor sausage fest.

You worked hard all year long and you’ve been dying to take a vacation and you really need to relax and live it up in Las Vegas. That’s why we recommend grabbing yourself a few cute golf caddy girls from love bunnies to show you a great time on the course.

How a golf caddy girl can defeat any boredom on the course

Our caddie girls can dress real sexy and cute (but still appropriate for the golf course) and be great for light hearted convo while focusing on your swing.

There are many things your golf caddy girl can do to make your life easier and your Vegas experience more fun. They can replace your divot, they can wash your golf balls, they can help you decide what club to use and they can hold the flag when you putt.

Every hole can be a fun challenge as the girls can do things to either help you or distract your friends.

If you get a bogie then you have to do something embarrassing like crawl around on all fours and bark like a dog! If you get a par, then you get a high-five from your golf caddy girl. If you get a birdie, you get might get a flash or peek at your girl’s “treasures”. And if you can get a hole of one then you might get a special lap dance!

Of course everyone has to abide by the rules of the golf course so we all can’t get too crazy but our girls are creative and there are ways of having fun on the down low.

So if you’re ready to really have some Las Vegas fun while hitting balls in the sun then you’ve come to the right place. Book your golf caddy girl with Love Bunnies today!