You are totally hyped up for Vegas, just flew in and landed in sin city. You head to your hotel room and the bachelor party that you’ve been anticipating is about to begin. Everyone is scrambling to figure out where to go for drinks first, where you should eat dinner, and what are the best strip clubs in Las Vegas to visit. Just how many escorts do you think you will buy when you are completely wasted at 4am? Your group will be asking these questions all weekend long, especially within the first couple hours in one of the hottest deserts in the west. However, if you take our advice, you will be on your way toward stress-free madness!

I’m going to start with the easy questions, just listen close and follow my lead. We all know your planning on doing a lot of blow and getting shit faced drunk. Making a reservation for dinner should not be on your mind. Think like me and grab a bag of Doritos with a Smart Water and call it a day. Eat better when you get back home. What are the most important things to you on this trip to Las Vegas? Having the time of your life with hot girls dancing all over your junk, chugging a ton of alcohol, and lining up blow on a strippers ass and titties. You just want to spend a lot of time with the hottest chicks Vegas has to offer.

There are a ton of strip clubs in Las Vegas, and they will offer you the moon to get you in their club. From a free limo ride to the club, a couple free lap dances, and coupons for bottle service. At a gentleman’s club, security is everywhere, there are so many people and witnesses if things get a little crazy. I can recommend a much better plan of action, instead of the traditional strip club.

Pick a guy in the group that’s good with money and have him hang onto it. Create a stripper fund. What does that mean?.. EVERYONE in the bachelor party pitches in $200 to $400 bucks. Even less if there are more guys. You are going to use that money to throw the most EPIC bachelor party in your own private hotel room or suite (if you’re a big baller). Grab the sexiest strippers and escorts Las Vegas can offer.

Are you ready for the fun part? Once you have checked into the room and have the location information, we are ready to rock and roll! Send a couple guys to the local liquor store and grab some booze, mixers, and ice. Then grab some blow cause we all know you want it. Disinfecting wipes are good to have on hand and a lot of condoms, or go bare if you dare.

There are different agencies that will send three or four girls aka escorts and strippers straight to your hotel room. You and your closest buddies are about to have the time of your lives. The girls will host the entire party, put on a show full of hot candle wax, sensual massages, whips, and sexy dances. They do a lesbian show that will blow your mind and they are very bendable. Most girls are gymnasts or have some serious yoga skills. The ladies have a ton of sexual tricks up their sleeves. Let’s turn the party up a notch, get the ladies to drink some alcohol and maybe they want to “party” too. The parties last one to three hours depending how well you are tipping. The more you tip, the longer they stay and the wilder they get. Once the triple XXX adult games are over, time to get sensual and wet in the bathroom. Utilize that hot tub in your room and watch the ladies get freaky and steam up the room. It gets hotter in there than a Vegas afternoon in June. Use the private room for wet dances on the bed after the bath and negotiate with your dancer / stripper /escorts. Make sure she sees the cash but do not give it to her until services are rendered. Grab some wipes, and clean up your junk for the next guy, it’s just common courtesy.

There’s a difference between an escort and a stripper. The differences are minor but this article truly describes both. Strippers have rules. They can tell you where or where not to put your fingers, they decide you listen. An escort has a flat fee for her services. It’s truly more like a date, a true girl next door experience. And you get to meet in a discreet location. Strippers have a schedule and need to stick by it, they work in a strip club or gentleman’s club. Escorts are paid with the flat fee and you go out for a night on the town. Take her shopping, to a fancy dinner, and then like on all first dates, take her to the room and you get laid. Every stripper has a little escort in her, and vice versa. They are pretty much the same, but different because every girl has her price for play. What are you willing to pay for it..?

Take our advice and look like a professional instead of an amateur. We are not responsible for any health issues or legal issues you encounter while taking our advice and following our suggestions.