(written originally by Steve Kim on April 16, 2019)

I once dated a girl who told me I wasn’t allowed to ever go to a strip club.  She gave me this ultimatum after I told her that I was planning my step-brother’s bachelor party in Las Vegas.

She didn’t trust men to behave responsibly around strippers.  I disagreed and we ended up breaking it off.

I don’t think men automatically cheat when given the chance to.  It’s not like every guy will bang every girl who winks at him.  Sure plenty of men are thirsty motherfuckers.  But I wasn’t one of them.  Not at the time we broke up.

I truly wanted my step-brother to have the best time in Vegas for his bachelor party, and I had more experience in this realm than anyone else I know. So why wouldn’t I throw him the party that I promised!

This list of things a woman should know are simply my recommendations from my own life experience in the stripping world.  P.S. My background is that of a male dancer for fifteen years.  I’ve danced in over 14 male revue shows, three strip clubs, and have dances in over a thousand parties and events.  So without further ado, here are my top 6 things a woman should know about strippers.

#1.  Strippers just want to get paid, not laid.

I’m sure you’re thinking that girl strippers are lusty, sex hungry beasts who are eager to give sexy away for any denomination.  Well babe, let’s take a deep breath and first woosaaaaa.  Strippers don’t care about sex.  They’re around it all the time, and what does that eventually do?  It numbs you or “jades” you.  It basically means most strippers don’t even think about sex and when they do, it’s only with their special someone.  Being around men who desire you non-stop makes you less turned on by lusty men.  So basically any customer they encounter is just another a big dollar sign in their eyes.  So stop worrying about strippers being “easy”.  They’re the most difficult to bed in real life.

#2.  Private dances are for fun and teasing

Lap dances are a quick getaway for most men.  A quick sexy fantasy where they imagine having sex with the stripper as she rubs and gyrates on your lap.  It’s the ultimate tease.  Blue balls central.  They only way they’re getting off is if they sneak off to the restroom and shake it out in the stalls.  Strippers can NOT do anything that can be construed as a sexual act for money.  That’s called prostitution and is against the law everywhere in the U.S. (except for a small city called Pahrump which is 1.5 hours from Vegas).  Can lap dances lead to sex?  Only if the stripper is a hooker and willing to wheel and deal.  But most aren’t and won’t do it.  It’s not worth going to jail and getting banned for life from the casino.  Strippers strip because they DON’T want to be a prostitute. If they wanted to be a prostitute, then they’d pretend to be an escort on one of the thousand escort sites online.

#3.  Strip clubs just want your money

Strip clubs have to follow the rules of the county, city, and all governing state laws.  There is no wiggle room for getting caught breaking them.  That’s why there is no such thing as sex in the champagne room.  Chris Rock got it right!  Getting caught having sex in a strip club is automatic jail time for both the customer and the stripper.  The clubs will NOT tolerate it.  So don’t worry about strip clubs being like brothels.  They’re not.  You’ll have to go to Thailand or Amsterdam if you’re looking for strip club/brothel combinations.

#4.  Private lap/bedroom dances are the best part of bachelor party strippers

Listen.  As a future wife, you should only care that your husband doesn’t cheat by going all the way.  Having any type of sex is cheating.  Even kissing.  A lap dance?  That’s a person rubbing their butt on your lap while the both of your are wearing clothes.  She’s not getting off rubbing on your man’s belt buckle and he’s not cheating because it’s impossible for him to “slip it in”.  The men are just enjoying a little fantasy time by having some friction while their mind wanders.  Here’s the bottom line.  In life, if a person wants to cheat, they’re going to cheat.  They don’t have to wait until their friend gets married and they go to Vegas in 8 months.  He can cheat with the checkout girl at the grocery story anytime.  Lap dances and bedroom dances are simply for fantasy.  It’s a break away from life and gives your man the sensation of being with someone else for a short period of time.  And that’s it.  Be happy your man is getting lap dances and not lying to you about playing poker at his friends house and instead, playing “poke her” with the girl next door.

#5.  Men can go to strip club for any reason

Like we talked about before, men enjoy strippers and lap dances because it’s the break their minds and bodies need if they’re stuck in a rut for too long.  Meaning, if a man is married and works all day, comes home to his wife and kids, and spends the majority of his life doing this, he’s eventually going to lose his mind if he doesn’t break way and experience life different a little.  He needs excitement and it can’t always come from his immediate family. Before he met you, he had his own life.  He was single and could explore the world and enjoy new sensations.  People never lose this urge to explore.  So when a person (male or female) is subdued for too long and stuck in the same rut, their mind will begin to wander and they’ll seek stimulation in one form or another.  Whether it’s from a person or thing (alcohol/drugs/who knows), they’re going to look for it somehow.  Going to Vegas and enjoying a bachelor party and strippers is the easiest way for a man to still feel young and fun again and gives them a chance to bond with other men and act a little caveman-like.  This is natural and a part of life.  Let the men see some naked women and get some lap dances.  This will beat him meeting someone and cheating with them later.

#6.  Men will lie about what happened at the strip club

Do you honestly think your man is going to talk about how turned on he got by some blonde Norwegian stripper with big boobs?  Do you think he’s going to go into detail about how much he squeezed her ass or how she spanked him with his own belt?  Or talk about doing body shots off her tits in the VIP room?  Never!  It’s not about honesty.  He can tell you the truth.  It’s about trust and freedom.  A man will never feel totally trusted by his wife if she needs to hear every detail of his night out with the guys.  And the less you trust a man and the more you try to control him, the more likely he will want to break free from you and do the opposite of what you tell him.

So to summarize, there is NOTHING wrong with enjoying some fun sexual entertainment in the form of strippers and strip clubs and bachelor parties.  And while there can be some dirty happening once in a while (of course we can’t assume everyone behaves or abides by moral codes), for the most part, stripping is just about having fun turning someone on.  And that’s about it.  In Las Vegas, a stripper agency called Love Bunnies specializes in providing the ultimate bachelor party stripper experience.  It’s run professionally from top to bottom and features the most beautiful women who also have wonderful personalities and brains and have been background checked. And these girls aren’t skanky or drug addicts or thieves.  You don’t have to worry about them trying to fuck your man for money.  They’re going to entertain the shit out of him and his friends, but that’s it.  So if you’re looking for a great bachelor strip party option check them out or you can also try http://www.striptainers.com.  They have a variety of professional strippers as well.