The best man has a lot of pressure on his shoulders when it comes to delivering an epic bachelor party for the groom. Although many will shrug this off as an easy task, it takes more preparation and thought than you could even imagine. And you can almost always ensure that there will be a debate when it comes to choosing strippers for your big event.

I can show you how to make this process easy, Amazon Prime easy! I’m an expert at stripping & the arts, I can show you exactly what to focus your money on for the ultimate party, without breaking the bank or doing something you may regret.

Avoid the Bachelor Party Packages at the Strip Clubs

Of course the first place you think of visiting, when getting pinned with being the best man, is a Las Vegas Strip Club. Buyer beware.. Most “Bachelor Packages” don’t include one on one time with the ladies. Your only paying for a table, chairs, and some overpriced drinks. Some clubs will actually throw in a DJ Shout Out, but let’s be honest.. If that’s what you want to waste your money on at the strip club, you probably shouldn’t be reading this article. Strip clubs are crowded, wall to wall with tons of men trying to flag down girls to get some private time. And when you do find the girl you want to spend the money on, the ATM fees alone will make you feel like a sucker. Set a budget and stick to it. Not worth the money you are putting out there! Why hustle for your girls.. You waste time and money. Forget that.. Hire private strippers to come to you.

Maximize the fun, time and money.. Hire independent/private strippers. Avoid the money pit at the stripclub and bypass it altogether. Having a strippers come straight to your hotel room or airbnb will create a more private, intimate, comfortable vibe. Everything is negotiated in advance.. So there are no surprise fees. In this private bachelor party environment, the total focus of the night is your group. Making sure you are having a ton of fun with all the personal attention you crave. Strippers are focused more on the show and fun, instead of hustling for every dollar. Although some companies offer a flat rate for services, others will tell you it’s all tip based and if the girls are doing a great job, tip accordingly. They have a variety of games, bachelor humiliation, shows and private dances. All for different rates. Make sure you touch base with the booking company to find out the exact details. Pre Booked parties are put in time slots that can rarely be changed, as the girls will party hop and have many scheduled back to back. But booking with a private service will save you a ton of money and you will have a more epic event then ever imagined. The one on one attention is a spectacular value. Imagine a sexy hottie looking deep into your eyes and really setting the mood. It can get steamy really quick. Like I said, there’s nothing like having a private party.

Girls who start their nights working at the strip club are immediately in the red. They pay a house fee just to enter and it usually costs them $150 bucks. These girls know how to hustle hard to get their money back. They feel that pressure to make that money back right away, plus make a profit for the night. They need to work, the club is their office. Another reason why the private parties are more beneficial to you. You don’t want a girl in your face hustling you the entire night. Pushing and pushing you to go to the ATM. Watch out because once there’s no money left in the bank.. Watch her walk away real quick. Bye.

Hire Or Book Strippers Outside Of The Club

Guys feel more comfortable when they are in their own space, not in a crowded environment fighting over girls they want dances from. Your money will be gone quicker than you can say private dance. You want to feel relaxed, loose and in your own controlled space. Where you can purchase your own liquor for cheap, put something sexy on the TV, fill up the hot tub and really get the party started on your own. Girls who work the private sector of this business are smart, and it’s way better than working the strip club. There are dozens of girls now who have caught on and are loving this ride.

Don’t Be “That” Guy.  Follow The Rules!

Don’t test the boundaries. It’s totally cool to be excited, loud and even drunk. But just don’t be a jerk. Happy advice from a private stripper. Easy does it, on the intense touching, you don’t need to go overboard. If you aren’t sure about the strippers boundaries, just ask. Again, always ask. There are some rules, but the girls will usually enlighten you from the start.

Every single club is different, every single bachelor party is different, every stripper is different. One girl might not want to be touched in certain areas. Ask before you touch or get slapped across the face and get yelled at. Kind of embarrassing right? Same goes with taking photos or video. I never minded much if guys asked for a photo at the end of the party, but always ask first. But take a picture or video in a strip club and all hell breaks loose. You will be bounced out of the club fast and end up paying a fine. Being dragged out of the club by a large bouncer is not a good look. Please don’t be the guy who ruins the party for everyone. Be a good guy and have some good fun.

Planning Ahead of Schedule

Don’t think you can just wing this very important job. The Bachelor Party is ultimately the one thing you and your group will remember for years to come. Start planning right away, whether it be at a strip club or your private stripper girls. Look at their social media accounts and make sure the girls are real and not some fake ones.

You don’t want to show up in Vegas and expect they will immediately accommodate you with a table for a small or large group. Those sell out very quick. It will look like you totally dropped the ball and ruined the trip. Keep your browser history clear for prying eyes. Just another piece of advice I offer freely.

Plan out everything as early as possible, get some great rates, hire outside of the clubs and you will go down as the Bachelor Party Planner of the YEAR!