I’m writing this post to answer questions for the many people that call us every day.

#1  Sex in exchange for money (aka prostitution) is illegal in the city of Las Vegas

  • If anyone ever tells you it’s not, they’re LYING.  Every strip club or stripper/escort agency has to abide by these laws.  If they ever promise you sex for money, they are LYING and most likely trying to scam you.

#2  Fetish’s are okay as long as they’re legal.

  • Any fetish is fine as long as sexual contact in exchange for money is not promised.

#3  Our exotic entertainers can masturbate or have sex with their partner in front of you.  That is legal.

#4  Most stripper/escort agencies in Las Vegas are a scam.  

  • How do these scams work on the strip?  Often you’ll see a person on the strip handing out cards.  These cards often just show a picture of a girl with her phone number and a price.  The price could be $99, or $79 or even $59.  This price is just the booking fee.  It’s what the girl collects for just showing up.  There is no promise to strip, dance, or do anything.  You just get to see the girl in person. But are the girls in the picture the same as the one’s who show up?  About 99.9% of the time NO IT’S NOT! 
  • Those pictures are used to bait you into calling the agency.  Then they will send WHOEVER is available and able to get to you first.
  • Do the girls look as attractive as the girls in the cards?   About 90% of the time NO NOT EVEN CLOSE. 
  • Why do these “agencies” do this?  Well, often they are just a small group of scammers who know how to hustle and either use guilt trips or intimidations to get the customer to agree to pay the girl the booking fee.  They don’t care about actually delivering any type of intimate or exotic service.  Their hope is to get the customer to pay the booking fee so the agency can get paid. What does the girl get?  Only whatever more money she can hustle from the customer.
  • Do these girls have sex with the customers?  I’m not going to lie and says it never happens.  Sure there are girls that will do it for the right amount.  But most of them are looking to trick you into paying up a lot up front.  They will mislead you into paying for sex.. and once they get the money from you, it’s usually a half ass job of stripping and some lap dancing and then they will ask for more. They will keep doing this until you’re broke or give up. So if you’re looking to get laid, this is probably the worst way to go.
  • So how do you have sex for money in Las Vegas legally?  Well, the only legal place is in Pahrump, about an hour and a half away from Las Vegas.
  • Where else can I have sexy legally?  Try the Hong Kong club in Tia Juana, Mexico.  Or go visit the sex clubs in Montreal in Canada.
  • Can I ask the strippers or escorts for sex in Las Vegas?  You can ask them whatever they want!  Whatever two consenting adults agree to do is between them.  But if one of them is an undercover cop, then an exchange for money for sexual favors will get you arrested.
  • Where do escorts posing as undercover cops work and who are they targeting?  Almost all of them will pose as prostitutes in casinos. They’ll approach you like any prostitute and try to solicit sex in a discreet way. They are looking for pimps, prostitutes and johns.  Their goal is to reduce sex trafficking, illegal drug sales, and sex crimes, along with other relatable offenses.

Bottom line is if you’re looking for an exotic experience, you’ll have to work with a trusted and reputable agency.  Strip clubs and most scam stripper agencies don’t care about being honest and delivering the service you want.  Their goal is to get maximum dollar out of you without providing much more than some naked lap dances.

Use an established agency that screens their entertainers and makes sure they are the type of person that you want to meet.  Agencies like Love Bunnies, Striptainers and Fantasy Date are agencies that actually deliver what they promise.  The people in the pictures are the same people that show up at your door.  They are beautiful inside and out, with actual fun personalities and a desire to please. 

Do your research and choose wisely if you want your exotic experience in Las Vegas to come true.  Good luck and have fun!