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So you’re in Vegas and want to gamble with your friends but would like to have a better experience than joining some table in a poker room and having to play with people you don’t know.  Plus the dealer may or may not be attractive and fun to play with.  Also you have to tip heavy for weak drinks and also pay extra for premium alcohol.  

So why not use that awesome hotel room/suite of yours?  For the price of dinner and drinks, why not bring the poker party to you?  We can bring a professional poker table, cards, and chips, and the hottest dealer to deal the cards.  And you can choose what they wear or won’t wear!  Choose from lingerie/bikini or pasties or TOPLESS!  You want the real Vegas experience?  Than you gotta party with us!

Play cards with your friends and have our hot card dealer take care of the game play.  In between games, she can help make drinks and give neck rubs.  Just show some appreciation by tipping her 😉

Want to turn up the heat?  Make some rules where the winner gets a treat (lap dance perhaps?) or maybe the loser gets spanked by our girl! You can do whatever, that’s the best part of booking with us!

Want to have a wild ending? You can choose from one of our many party options, such as a stripper party or even an erotic show! When your ready for a little break, sit back, relax and watch our Lesbian Toy Show called Sweet Treats (optional). This HOT XXX show will earn you bragging rights for the entire year. You will be talked up all year long! Book for your group now!

Private Poker Party vs Casino Poker Table

Bellagio Poker Room:  $25 and up buy-ins.  Premium drinks start at $10-15 per and go up based on the liquor.  Liquor costs inside the casino are generally 5-10 times more expensive than if you bought your own bottle at the store.

Private Poker Party:  No minimum buy-in.  You can drink or smoke or do whatever the hell you like.  One 1.75L bottle of Grey Goose costs $65 at the liquor store outside the Casino.  That bottle gives you 39 shots or drinks.  That comes out to less than $2 a drink.  Plus you don’t have to tip a casino waitress.

BOTTOM LINE:  You will SAVE money and have MORE FUN by hosting your own private poker party with us.

Our host and sexy card dealer will come to your room to get things started.  The host will setup the table, card, and chips while the dealer will get ready in her sexy attire.  The games begin when you are ready!  You can play cards and enjoy premium drinks at grocery store prices (saving you 500-1000% over the casino!). 

The dealer will engage with your friends and keep the conversation hype and lively.  Got questions about what’s good in Vegas?  Want to know the inside scoop or how to get true VIP service?  Looking for something that’s hard to find?  Our card dealers are Vegas natives and know a lot about the city and can help you figure out a lot of things.

Want to take a break and do body shots? We can do that!  Want to have a stripper party after the game?  We can do that!  Want to hit the clubs later? We can set that up for you!  We are your full-service entertainment agency and we’re here to serve you.

Smoke what you want, drink what you want, do whatever you want, it’s your suite and it’s private and just for you!  There are no rules unlike the poker rooms where you have to oblige and be on your best behavior.  You can’t run around with your shirt off and do body shots.  But in your hotel room, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE F**K YOU WANT!  So if you want to truly have fun and customize your experience, book with us and we’ll make your fantasy turn into a reality 😉

Dealer Options

2 hour minimum

  • Bikini or Lingerie Dealer: $100 per hour
  • Pasties Dealer: $125 per hour
  • Topless Dealer: $150 per hour
  • Fully Nude Dealer: $250 per hour
  • Book 2 dealers for 5% discount!
  • Book 3 or more dealers for 10% discount!
Table Options

The Basic: $100

  • Table Top Poker Mat (70″ x 35″)
  • 2 Decks of Cards
  • 200 chips

Weekend Warrior: $200

  • Folding Table
  • 6 chairs (seats 6 people)
  • 2 Decks of Cards
  • 200 chips

The Professional: $350

  • Professional Card Table (includes Cup Holders and Lights)
  • 8 chairs (seats 8 people)
  • 4 Decks of Cards
  • 300 chips

*Table Rental includes delivery, setup, and removal 

** Chairs can be added at $10 per chair

Entertainment Options

Our card dealers will come to the party dressed nice, they will meet and greet and mix and mingle for a bit and then they will change into their sexy lingerie attire.  During the game, the girls can strip down to pasties, topless or nude (based on dealer chosen) while they deal cards.  The following options are included with every party:

  • Neck Rubs: for tips
  • Body Shots: for tips
  • Lap Dances: for tips
  • Ring Toss and Twerk: $30 per player
  • Tag Team Lap Dance for Guest of Honor: $50 per girl
  • Pussy Magic: $100 per girl
  • Fully Nude Girl on Girl Fantasy Show: $300 per girl
Custom Poker Chips

Want to make a real impression on your friends?  Surprise them with CUSTOM POKER CHIPS!  


You can put the face of the guest of honor (bachelor, birthday boy, divorce boy, etc) on the chips which will make a huge impression! Not to mention, when you’re doing playing poker, you can hand out these custom poker chips to everyone as a cool souvenir!  

Only $200!

*custom chips must be ordered at least 14 days before your event


Choose from the following options to book with us:



Looking for a poker table that has a sleek and attractive design to get unique performances? Then this one is what you’re in search of. The beautiful table has decorative LED lights and it allows playing the game at any time in the day conveniently.

Durable cup holders have made with steel, so you’ll be able to keep your glasses and coffee cups. It’ll prevent your poker table from getting stained. The thickness of the table is 5/8 with a premium playfield pad that offers you the maximum ease while playing a game.

Likewise, the table also has an armrest with a pad for the most ease while playing a great game for a long time. Besides, it comes with a 1 and 1/8-inch diameter legs that are made of steel that’s another nice feature that you’ll love about the table. Because having the legs are very stable; you don’t have to fear to fall off from it.


Hiring a Private Card Dealer for Your Las Vegas Private Party: The Unveiled Luxury

As the global center of entertainment, Las Vegas is frequently associated with excess, wealth, and unrestrained enjoyment. It’s a city where hopes are realized and lifelong memories are created. In this thriving haven of entertainment, you want to make sure that your private party is nothing short of fantastic. Hiring a topless card dealer in Las Vegas is one way to take your event to new levels of elegance and excitement. In this post, we’ll examine the countless advantages of hiring a pro card dealer for your private poker party in Las Vegas.

1. An actual casino setting

While it’s true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, why not bring a little bit of the famous Las Vegas casino atmosphere to your private event? A beautiful topless card dealer lends an aura of refinement and authenticity to your event right away. As they assemble around the card table and engage in the thrill of blackjack, poker, or any other card game of their choice, your guests will experience the high life. A competent card dealer makes your party more glamorous and ensures that it is remembered for all the right reasons.

2. Relaxation entertainment

There are many details to take care of while hosting a private party, which can be stressful. When you engage a blackjack card dealer, you can unwind and take it easy while your guests are amused by a qualified professional. The dealer manages every part of the game, including dealing cards and taking bets, freeing you to concentrate on mingling and making enduring memories with your guests.

3. Adaptable to Every Skill Level

A private card dealer can accommodate players of every experience level, whether they are seasoned card players or beginners wishing to pick up the game. They can modify the game’s difficulty to fit your visitors’ preferences and level of expertise. This inclusiveness makes sure that everyone can take part, ensuring that both casual players and avid gamblers will enjoy your party.

4. Personalized Casino Games

One major benefit of using a private card dealer in Las Vegas is flexibility. You are free to select the casino games that best fit the theme of your party and the tastes of your visitors. The choices are essentially endless, ranging from traditional games like blackjack and poker to roulette, craps, and more. This customization enables you to design a distinctive and personalized casino experience that perfectly complements the atmosphere of your gathering.

Professionalism and knowledge 5.

Professional card dealers add an unequaled degree of knowledge and accuracy to your occasion. They are knowledgeable about the rules of many different card games, ensuring that everyone has a fun and fair time playing. Your guests will feel at ease and protected during their gaming experience thanks to their professionalism, which also adds a component of trust and dependability.

6. Superior Equipment

High-quality tools and accessories are what you can anticipate when working with a private topless card dealer Las Vegas. The set includes genuine card tables, excellent decks of cards, and premium poker chips. The overall casino experience is improved by this attention to detail, which also elevates your private party to the level of a premier event.

7. A competitive environment

A Las Vegas private topless card dealer can set the atmosphere for exciting showdowns for individuals who enjoy some good competition. The thrill of winning and losing chips can produce priceless moments and foster cordial competition among your visitors. Your party will be a night to remember because to the competitive environment, which adds an added layer of enjoyment.

8. Social interaction and forming bonds

The manner that card games unite people is distinctive. Around the table, they foster friendly banter, laughter, and conversation. Through the collaborative activity of playing cards, your guests will have the chance to engage in conversation and form lifelong memories.

9. Professional Direction

A private card dealer can offer direction and instructions if some of your guests are not familiar with casino games. They can instruct players on the protocols, tactics, and rules of numerous card games so that everyone can take part and have fun. Your party will be enhanced by this educational component, which will make it more valuable in addition to entertaining.

10. VIP Service That Is Exclusive

The VIP treatment is legendary in Las Vegas, and using a sexy private card dealer is no exception. Your visitors will enjoy a private casino experience with individualized care and service, making them feel like real VIPs. It’s a rare chance to give your loved ones the kind of exclusivity that makes Vegas renowned.

11. Special Photo Possibilities

When a private card dealer is present, amazing photo chances arise. You can take unforgettable photos of your guests having fun playing blackjack or reveling in a huge victory. As treasured memories of your private party in Las Vegas, these pictures will act as a constant reminder for you and your guests of the enjoyment and excitement.

Twelve. Special Party Favors

As one-of-a-kind party treats, think about presenting personalised playing cards or poker chips with your party’s logo or theme. These unique mementos act as keepers for your visitors, preserving their memories of your event long after the party has over.

13. Simple Setup and Disposal

You don’t have to worry about putting up or taking down the casino equipment when you hire a private card dealer. The dealer handles all the logistics, making sure you have a hassle-free experience. You can concentrate on enjoying the party and socializing with your guests because of this convenience.

14. Affordable Choices

Contrary to what many people think, hiring a private card dealer in Las Vegas can actually be rather affordable. For different budgets, many suppliers provide flexible packages. You can find a practical strategy to raise the entertainment value of your private party at a reasonable price by evaluating several possibilities and customizing the services to your needs.

15. Exclusivity and Privacy

Hiring a private card dealer allows you to embrace the exclusivity-centered culture of Las Vegas. Your event turns into a private haven of entertainment, protected from the gambling city’s commotion. This solitude enables you and your visitors to enjoy the thrill and ambiance in a private setting.


Hiring a private card dealer for your private party in the vivacious city of Las Vegas, where entertainment has no bounds, can elevate your occasion to the next level of luxury and fun. The advantages are numerous, ranging from a true casino experience to stress-free amusement, qualified knowledge, and adaptable games. A private card dealer adds excitement and glitz to your Las Vegas private party, making it a genuinely spectacular event whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to give your friends and family an amazing evening. So why not take a chance and add some casino excitement to your upcoming event in the city that never sleeps?

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Card Dealers

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Why spend money in the casino when you can spend it in your room and have more fun? Book a sexy card dealer and have her host your party topless, bottomless, however you like!

Custom Logo or Image Poker Chips

Custom Logo or Image Poker Chips

Want to make a real impression with your friends?  Surprise them with a set of professional CUSTOM DESIGNED POKER CHIPS!      You can put the face of the guest of honor (bachelor, birthday boy, divorce boy, anniversary, retirement, etc) on the...