STRIPTAINERS versus THE COMPETITION (female strippers)


Caveat emptor. Also known as BUYER BEWARE!

A typical 30 min Strip Party from Us

* Party Starts at 7pm

6:45pm – Love Bunny calls customer to let them know they’re at the lobby of the hotel getting ready

7:00pm – Love Bunny knocks on door and surprises guests as a sexy cop

7:05pm – Love Bunny gets ready, sets up music, lights, and gets everyone together

7:10pm – Love Bunny gives a toast

7:11pm – Love Bunny does special striptease performance for guest of honor

7:16pm – Love Bunny works the room, makes sure everyone’s getting attention and dances

7:20pm – Love Bunny plays floor games, drinking games, does tricks

7:25pm – Love Bunny gets dressed, takes some pictures with the guests in various poses and holding funny props. Takes extra special pictures with the bachelor.

7:30pm – Love Bunny says goodbye and leaves the party

A typical 30 min Strip Party from Them

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* Party Starts at 7pm

6:30pm – Customer calls stripper, gets voicemail, leaves message

7:00pm – Stripper hasn’t arrived yet and doesn’t answer her phone

7:06pm – Still no stripper

7:18pm – Stripper shows up at door.  She is not the same person as advertised.  Looks much older, not very attractive and not in great shape.  The only thing she has in common with the original stripper is the hair color.  She says the stripper they ordered couldn’t make it so the agency sent her instead.  She acts remorseful and says she hopes she can do a good job.  Customer agrees to using her as she has no other option / feels bad to turn the dancer down / the party has already started so it’s too late to find another stripper.

7:20pm – Stripper walks in room and starts to play music from cheap wireless speaker.  It’s not very loud.  She gives the bachelor a little striptease.  It’s very amateur, as though she’s never been trained or done it professionally.

7:25pm – The stripper starts grinding on the guests, stopping often to ask for more tip money.  The stripper doesn’t really know how to dance or put on a show.  She mainly goes from guest to guest and asks them for more money so she will continue dancing.

7:30pm – The guests start to get bored, as the Striptainer loses focus once people stop tipping.  She starts playing on her phone.

7:35pm – The guests start to feel uncomfortable with this stripper who seems bored at their party and isn’t really entertaining.  The client who booked the stripper must ask her to leave

7:40pm – Stripper leaves and guests of party breathe a sigh of relief

7:42pm – One of the guest finds his watch missing. A call is placed to the Stripper who fails to return the phone call.

7:45pm – The client calls the agency complaining about the missing watch.  The agency states they aren’t responsible for the stripper and hang up.  The client calls the agency but no one will answer.  There is no mailing address and the website domain info is hidden from the public.  The agency is not on record and does not have a valid business license in the state they are operating in, so there is no way to pursue a legal remedy.

7:50pm – Client wishes she never booked a stripper with this shady agency.

The above scenarios are for example purposes only.  While the competition can deliver a good experience, typically in this industry, most stripper agencies are scam sites that hire strangers off of craigslist and send them to people’s residences without any background check, training, or protection.  It is completely unsafe to do this and that’s why Love Bunnies takes great pride in their new hire process.  We are slow to hire and quick to fire.  We only want the best Love Bunnies because that’s how we can ensure the satisfaction of the customer (and why we average 5 Stars on YELP).  We even have an online training center where our Love Bunnies can learn how to be the best entertainer they can be.  If any questions on this, feel free to send us a message.