Golf Bunnies



Golf Bunnies


Are you ready for the ultimate Vegas golfing experience?  Choose from one of the following options:

OPTION #1 - Hire a Golf Bunny

Hit the golf course with a beautiful girl in your arm!  No need for another sausage fest golf outing with your buds.. you’re in Vegas.. enjoy it!
Our sexy golf caddy girls (Golf Bunnies) are ready to serve you and make your golf game the HOTTEST it’s ever been!  You didn’t come to Vegas to be boring. You came to live it up.  Now you can!  Book one (or more) girls to come party with you on the golf course and really get your vacation started the right way! And if you are having a great time with the girls, you can also enjoy them later as they can be a stripper, companion, atmosphere model, you name it!


  • $100 for 1 Golf Bunny for 1 hour
  • $200 for 1 Golf Bunny for 2 hours
  • $280 for 1 Golf Bunny for 3 hours (discounted)
  • $360 for 1 Golf Bunny for 4 hours (discounted)
  • $450 for 1 Golf Bunny for 5 hours (discounted)
  • $500 for 1 Golf Bunny for 6 hours (discounted)
  • For Two (2) or more girls, we offer 10% off
OPTION #2 - Ultimate Golf Party Experience

The ultimate sexy golf experience! Ride in a private luxury party bus and get served drinks and dances while you head to the golf course!
Want a wild, incredible, and unforgettable night? Look no further. Our Love Bunnies give you the experience of a lifetime while riding on a Premium Luxury Party Bus. Hop around the Las Vegas Strip with us, play dirty games, and watch us get sexy on each other all through the night. I promise after this experience, you will never want to leave. Let us customize a package just for your group. We are known for our unique Bachelor, Birthday, and Divorce Parties. When we arrive at your hotel, our Love Bunnies will be on the Party Bus ready to whip the bachelor into shape. Hop on and explore Sin City with us. Get one on one time with each Bunny, our experiences are very personalized. Expect a ton of sexy fun! Adult games, a girl on girl toy show, body shots, and one of our Bunnies always carries a whip. Dive in and experience 2 hours of complete exhilaration.. Book your Bunnies now!

Total Package Price (all-inclusive / gratuity separate) starting at only $2,500

  • Love Bunny Strippers
  • Fully Nude “Sweet Treats” Lesbian Toy Show
  • Naughty Bachelor XXX Game Set
  • Bunny Body Shots
  • 2 Dancing Poles Up to 24 People
  • Club Lighting Club Sound System
  • VIP Party Host
  • Platinum Liquor Package (Complete Wet Bar)
  • Large Flatscreen TV’s
  • DVD, CD, MP3 Player
  • Strip Tour with Landmark Stops
  • Starting package includes at least two (2) dancers and up to ten (10) guests
  • Packages for more dancers/guests are quote based, please call us at (702) 527-4403
Woodies Guaranteed 😉

Who wants a birdie when you can have a woody? And what’s more fun than celebrating a great round of golf with a gorgeous hottie from Love Bunnies!  When you combine the amazing views of Las Vegas’ top golf courses with a sexy golf bunny, you get the best Vegas golfing experience ever.


America's favorite hobby

Golf is everything!  It’s a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a day off or a smooth way to impress a client or colleague from work.

The combination of a beautiful sun, the smell of freshly cut green grass, the sound of balls getting smacked by clubs, the fresh desert air of Las Vegas.. it all combines to making your round of golf the best it has ever been.

So how do you improve on an experience like this?  Add a beautiful girl caddy of course!  Our beautiful female golf caddies (we have male as well) are her to make your golf time MUCH HOTTER!

About our Golf Caddy Girls

Our golf caddy girls will give you the time of your life on whichever course you play.  Whether you’re solo, or in a small or large group, give us a call and inquire about having a sexy golf bunny accompany you!  She can help with standard caddie duties such as fixing ball scuffs, repairing divots, helping keep track of yardages, and cleaning your golf clubs and balls. 

They can also help setup your lunch or dinner.  They can call in your food or drink orders and have them ready for when you get hungry or thirsty.  They’ll maintain your scorecard and keep your energy and spirits up as they chauffeur you around the course all day.  

What is a Golf Bunny?

A Golf Bunny is simply one of our Love Bunnies working for you as a sexy golf caddie/atmosphere model.  Our caddies are usually young women with model good looks, who love to spend time in the sun on the golf course with you!  These gorgeous and fun playmates will accompany you around the course as you play, doing everything a normal caddy does, only with a much more fun, intimate, and sometimes crazy or naughty style 😉

Our Las Vegas female golf caddies will keep your golf balls and clubs shiny clean, they’ll keep track of the socres, arrange food and drink orders and act as your very own personal cheerleader.

Once you’ve experienced “Vegas Style Golf” with our Love Bunnies, you’ll want to play with our girls every time you come back to tee it off.  You can take awesome souvenir photos and videos with the girls and be the envy of all your friends back home (Unless you want to keep it private.  Our girls are great at respecting your privacy and wishes)

What do golf caddy girls do?

Our charming and beautiful golf caddy girls know their way around the clubhouse and golf course.  All of our caddies are trained in basic golf etiquette and caddy skills.  Our golf bunnies will not only make you look like a stud to your friends, they will also:

  • Order and serve food/drinks
  • Clean your balls and clubs
  • Sanding Divots
  • Repairing Ball Marks/Pitch Marks
  • Calculating Distance
  • Keep track of your golf clubs, head overs, bag, etc
  • Tend the Flag//Pin
  • Rake bunkers
  • Sunscreen or tanning oil 😉
  • Assist in keeping your shaft aligned and making sure your stroke is smooth
  • Crack jokes
  • Do body shots
  • and more!


How do the girls act or behave on the course?

Our bunnies are handpicked because they’re beautiful inside and out.  They are fun, energetic, enthusiastic, and overall enjoyable to be around.  They can be mild or wild, you have control over how safe or how crazy they can be (of course we must obey the rules of the golf course ;).  Their job is to make your game as entertaining as possible while meeting all of your golfing needs.  While your average middle-aged golf caddy gentleman may be popular on most golf courses, you’re going to be bored if you come to Vegas and play your basic standard game of golf.  You can do that at home, this is Vegas baby!  Do it right and have one of our beautiful Las Vegas golf caddy models accompany and play with you around the course.

When do I need a Golf Bunny?

If you’re coming here for a corporate meeting, a networking event, a bachelor party, any reason to come to Vegas with your friends, add some sex appeal and glamour and hire one of our sweet caddies to make your game the most fun and memorable ever!

Reserve your Golf Bunny today

Reservations generally require a minimum of 48 hours advanced notice of your tee-time.  Last-minute requests can be accommodated (limited to talent availability).  The standard fee is $200 per hour per girl.  The fee is reduced when you book for two or more hours.  The minimum mandatory gratuity per Golf bunny is $100 (of course you can tip more, the more love you show, the more excited your bunny will get!).  Some courses charge a rider fee for the caddie to drive or ride the cart.  Please ask your golf club representative for more information.  

Every effort will be made to fulfill your request for a specific caddy girl.  You can pay in cash at the golf course if you like but customers who pay a deposit in advance will priority when choosing their favorite girl.  We can only guarantee your choice of Golf Bunny when a deposit has been paid.