Burlesque Bunnies


Are you looking for more than just lap dances and adult shows?  Do you want a professionally trained burlesque dancer to put on a show at your party or special event?  Well look no further! Introducing the Burlesque Bunnies, the best burlesque dancers in Las Vegas.

Our Burlesque Bunnies do so much more than just show up and perform a sexy show routine.   They come prepared to delight and entertain every single guest at your event.  They can come dressed up however you like and do a custom surprise entrance if you wish.  Imagine room service arriving but instead of your typical hotel staff, a sexy female host shows up instead.  Be sure to have your camera ready to take a picture of your friends face as he’s astonished and pleasantly surprised!  Next our burleque bunny will set the room up and prepare for her show.  Everyone can have a toast and prepare for your professional Las Vegas style burlesque show!  The dancer can pay special attention to specific people if you wish and even incorporate them in her sexy striptease performance 😉

Once the show has been completed, there are options for lap dances and bedroom dances (have your tips ready!) as well as some even sexier shows.  You can also tip to play adult games such as Hide and Go Seek, Bark at the Pussy or Pussy Magic!  After the dances and games are over, you can relax and take a nice group or solo picture with your burlesque bunny.  Now you’ll have memories of Sin City that you can cherish for the rest of your life 🙂

What's Included
  • 1 hour (including introduction, performance, optional lap dancing, meet and greet with group photos afterwards)
    • Introduction: Can be formal, casual, surprise
    • Dancer arrives in costume or sexy apparel (customer’s choice)
    • Dancer prepares room with music, party lights, speakers, props, etc
    • Toast to start the party
    • Choreographed Burlesque Show (includes guest interaction)
      • Striptease for Guest of Honor (optional)
      • Strip down to pasties and panties (fully nude upgrade available)
    • Lap and bedroom dances (optional)
    • Adult party games (optional)
      • Party games such as Tie him up, Bark at the pussy, Walk the dog, Putting for pussy, Seek and Destroy
    • Mix and Mingle
    • Group Photos
Party Options
  • OPTION #1:  VIP Package (Pasties)
    • 30 min: $150
    • 1 hour: $200
  • OPTIONS #2:  Elite Package (Topless)
    • 30 min: $200
    • 1 hour: $250
  • OPTION #3: Ballers Package (Fully Nude)
    • 30 min: $250
    • 1 hour: $300
  • Discounted packages must be paid for in advance
  • Deposit is refunded if dancer doesn’t show up
  • Private dances are separate and paid in cash
  • The girls also accept most forms of electronic payment

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