Virtual Stripogram and Stripper Party!

We’ve received many calls and emails asking for a virtual stripper surprise. 

Some customers want to give their best friend a gift they’ve never seen before. 

A personalized sexy, funny, and maybe even raunchy video from one of our famous Love Bunnies!

Or you can have the sexy girl get naked and dance live on webcam and in real time! 

Now your friend can interact with the dancer while she gives him personal one-on-one attention 😉  

If you ever wanted to impress someone, give them the virtual gift that they will never forget!

Requirements for a Virtual Stripogram or Stripper Party
  • Display Device (such as iphone, android, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer)
  • Internet Connection
So how does this work?
Once your reservation has been booked, we will confirm all details such as date, time, and show expectations and preferences. 

You can choose to have a live performance or a pre-paid show.  Both are the same price.  

Are you ready to turn your fantasy into reality? Our dancers are excited to get wild on camera and put on a show and truly entertain you!  You’ll laugh, smile, get turned on 😉 and most of all, have a blast!

Do you still want to hire a stripper to come entertain you in person?
We can do that!  We just require that you have less than 10 guests present.

*subject to change based on current government and state regulations concerning COVID-19

Virtual Stripograms and Stripper Parties


Has social distancing gotten you down? Do you miss having some sexy excitement in your life?

Well look no further!  Introducing.. Virtual Stripograms and Stripper Parties!

If you want to host your own virtual stripper party with any of our strippers, just ask us anytime and we can send you options and rates.

Most of our dancers can do it for our normal rate, which is normally $300 but because of the countries current dilemma, our dancers have agreed to do it for only $200!


Once you’ve filled out our booking form, one of our party specialists will get back to you (via phone, email, or text, whichever method you prefer) and discuss details and answer any questions.