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Fetish Bunnies



Do you have a special fantasy or fetish?  Are you wondering how you can find the perfect girl to satisfy these special and unique fetishes of yours?  Well dream no more!  At Love Bunnies, we like to make your fantasy a reality!

We have the most fetish and fantasy strippers in Las Vegas.  Our girls specialize in a variety of fetishes so just give us a call or send a text/email and let’s chat and see if we can help you out πŸ˜‰

Types of Fetishes

Adult Babies
Age Play
Anal Play
Body Piercing
Breasts & Butts
Cross Dressing
Domination & Submission
Foot Fetish
Group Play
Impact Play
Japanese Bondage
Orgasm Control
Pyschological Play
Role Playing
Rubber, Latex & Leather
Sensation Play
Voyeurism & Exhibitionism
Water Sports
Water, Thunder & Lightning
Wax Play

Rates & Options

β€œSweet Treats” Toy Show ($300 value) included!

  • 2 Buns $1,000
  • 3 Buns $1,400
  • 4 Buns $1,800


Foot Fetish (includes foot worship show)

  • 1 Bunnie $500 
  • 2 Bunnies $800 
  • 3 or more (call us)


Financial Domination

  • 1 Bunnie $400 
  • 2 Bunnies $700
  • 3 or more (call us)



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About Foot Fetish and Tickling

Humans have been captivated by the strange and captivating occurrence of foot tickling for many years. Some people find it intolerable, but others find it really enjoyable to have their feet tickled, touched or fondled. The psychology and biology of why people have foot fetishes as well as the characteristics that make tickling a special and occasionally alluring feeling will be explored in this investigation.

The Reasons Behind Foot Fetishes

1. The Item of Surprise: The element of surprise is a common characteristic of foot fetishes. Unexpected touches or tickles on another person’s foot might cause giggling and an endorphin surge. The unexpected and enjoyable dimension that this element brings to the sensation of foot tickling is crucial to comprehending why individuals find it enjoyable.
2. Endorphin Release: Foot fetish advocates love how it causes the brain to release endorphins. Neurotransmitters called endorphins cause pleasurable feelings and lessen pain. This chemical reaction could be the reason why some people look for foot fetish as a means to decompress and release tension or stress.
3. Social Bonding and Playfulness: There are situations in which playing with your feet can foster social bonds and be playful. It is frequently linked to conversations between loved ones, friends, and romantic partners. Some people find foot fetishes to be a delightful and treasured pastime because of these interactions, which can fortify emotional ties and evoke pleasant memories.
4. Sensitivity of Foot Nerves: Due to the dense concentration of sensory nerves in the soles of the feet, they are extremely touch-sensitive. These nerves transmit messages to the brain when they are tickled, producing a distinct sensory experience. For those who are sensually stimulated, there’s nothing quite like having their feet stimulated.

The Science Behind Foot Fetish

1. The Role of the Cerebellum: The brain region known as the cerebellum, which is linked to motor coordination and control, is essential to the tickling response. The cerebellum reacts to the stimulation of the foot by sending messages to the rest of the body, which causes bodily reactions and pleasure. The sensation of foot fondling is influenced by the cerebellum’s quick connection with other brain regions.

2. Brain’s Reward System: When you play with feet, dopamine is released, activating the brain’s reward system. One neurotransmitter linked to reward and pleasure is dopamine. A person’s enjoyment of having their feet fondled is probably partly caused by the dopamine release’s pleasurable effects.

3. Nerve Pathways and Reflexes: Foot fetishes activates certain nerve pathways, such as the brainstem, which controls reflexes, and the somatosensory cortex, which interprets touch. The combination of these circuits results in both physical reactions and laughter. For people who like foot tickling, the simultaneous activation of these circuits can result in a distinctive and entertaining sensation.

Evolution of the Foot Fetish

From the standpoint of evolution, foot fetishes has various uses. It might have developed as a way for early humans to play together and create bonds with one another, enhancing links between people and encouraging cooperation in groups. Furthermore, the amusement and endorphin rush that come with tickling could have offered a way to decompress, enabling people to deal with obstacles in their surroundings.

Why Some Do Not Find Foot Fetish Fun

It is important to understand that not everyone finds foot fetishes amusing; in fact, for some people, it can be upsetting or even uncomfortable. There are other reasons for this variation in response:

1. Sensory Overload: Rather from being enjoyable, foot tickling may be overpowering for people with high levels of sensory sensitivity. Pain or a sense of being overpowered might result from the strong stimulation of nerve endings.
2. Psychological variables: An individual’s reaction to foot touching may be influenced by psychological variables such as anxiety or a strong demand for boundaries and personal space. It might not be enjoyable for people who are highly sensitive or who find physical contact uncomfortable.

3. Personal Preferences: These are important, just like any other type of closeness or contact. Some people may prefer other forms of physical play or affection than foot tickling, as they just do not find it enjoyable.

4. Prior Experiences: Adult aversion to foot fetishes may result from unpleasant prior experiences, such as excessive foot fondling in an uneasy or non-consensual setting.

To sum it up

The phenomenon of foot fetish is distinct and complex, encompassing aspects of psychology, biology, and human social interaction. Foot fetishes gives people a surge of pleasure, laughter, and a sense of community for those who find it enjoyable. This exercise is enjoyable because of the feet’s sensory sensitivity and the brain’s reward system.

It is important to keep in mind that different people have very different tastes when it comes to foot fetishes, and that permission and limits should always be honored. Comprehending the psychology and biology of foot fondling can facilitate open communication and empathy in relationships, resulting in more pleasurable and mutually agreeable encounters for all parties. In the end, the pleasure that one derives from playing with one’s feet is a monument to the variety and depth of human sensory experiences as well as emotional bonds.

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