Draft Party Bunnies

Draft Party Bunnies



Blow your league away with the HOTTEST draft party EVER! Let our gorgeous bunnies handle your draft board wearing nothing but lingerie and ultimately becoming fully nude. Our Bunnies serve drinks, give neck massages during stressful moments, and punish the commissioner. We want to know all your dirty little secrets, Who won last year and has earned a slutty bunny dance? Who lost and needs to be spanked on all fours?

When your ready for a little break, sit back, relax and watch our Lesbian Toy Show called Sweet Treats. This HOT XXX show will earn you bragging rights for the entire year. You will be talked up all season long! Winner or loser in your league. Book for your group now!

Example Itinerary

Your fantasy football starts off with a big surprise..  two to three smoking hot girls arrive to your party!  They come dressed in your favorite sports apparel.  The girls brings party lights, speakers, and a music playlist to get the energy going.  The Bunnies will come out and provide party atmosphere, as well as sexy drink serving and games.  While the guys are choosing their players, the girls are going around the party and serving drinks and making the guys do body shots for either a reward or a punishment!  The girls also challenge the men to games and keep things interesting with a surprise lap dances for the winners.  As the draft enters half time, it’s time to take a break and relax and have some real fun.  The girls change into sexier attire and come out and do a little sexy burlesque routine and get the guys in the mood for some real good times.  It’s all about adult games, private lap/bedroom dances, adult toy shows (double dildo, girl on girl, whatever you’re in the mood for!), a hot steamy wet time in the bathroom or shower.. basically whatever fantasy you can think of, we can make come true!  This is the ultimate fantasy football party.  Don’t be the boring host who only brings nachos and beer.  Be the HERO of your league and bring some gorgeous Love Bunnies and make this a party you’ll never forget!

Option #1 - Atmosphere / Serving / Hosting

This package includes hosting, serving drinks, providing atmosphere, optional body shots, neck rubs and pranking players! (tip based)

  • Lingerie/Bikini Girl = $100 per hour
  • Pasties Girl = $125 per hour
  • Topless Girl = $150 per hour
  • Fully Nude Girl = $250 per hour


  • Discounted packages must be paid for in advance
  • Deposit is refunded if dancer doesn’t show up
  • Extras like private dances, body shots, fantasy shows are optional and tip based
  • The girls also accept most forms of electronic payment
Option #2 - Draft Party Packages

This package includes:

  • Two (2) girls who will host, serve drinks, play games, provide atmosphere for up to two (2) hours.
  • After the draft is over, the girls can turn into strippers and perform adult fantasy shows and give lap dances.
    • Total time can vary depending on guest participation.
    • Additional girls can be added at a pro-rated rate.
    • 5% off for first responders (police, fire, military, paramedics)
  • Package #1:  Bronze 
    • The girls will strip down to pasties!
    • $700
      • Includes popular adult games, lap dances and fantasy shows


  • Package #2:  Silver 
    • These girls will dance topless!
    • $1000
      • All adult games PLUS Titty Car Wash, Pussy Magic
      • Tag Team Special (all the girls will give a private bedroom dance to the player who has the best draft!)


  • Package #3:  Gold
    • These girls will get fully nude!
    • $1400
      • All deluxe adult games PLUS Titty Tornado, Pussy Magic, Anal Ring Toss
      • Tag Team Special (all the girls will give a private bedroom dance to the player who has the best draft!)
      • Lesbian GIRL-ON-GIRL Show (girls will get erotic and sexy with each other and use bedroom toys!)


  • Discounted packages must be paid for in advance
  • Deposit is refunded if dancer doesn’t show up
  • Lap dances / Private dances / Bedroom dances are optional and tip based
  • The girls also accept most forms of electronic payment


Choose from the following options to book with us:

What's a draft party with the Love Bunnies like? Click to read more!

Imagine opening the hotel door and inviting five of the sexiest women into your suite. They are all dressed up and excited to meet you and your friends. The introductions begin and the guys are all getting excited. The Bunnies retreat to change into a more sexy attire while the guys are quickly grabbing their stacks of cash and finding the best seats in the room. Are you ready for the time of your life? The anticipation is making you sweat, the music is so loud all you can hear is bass. We’re about to set off the fire alarms, it’s gonna get HOT. Here come the Bunnies, prancing their hot assets all over the room. Don’t blink for one second.. She just dropped to the floor and did the splits! Another one is doing a headstand on the bachelors lap.. You can’t even believe this is happening, it’s like a dream come true. Why do a boring shot at a club when you can do a sexy, one on one, shot with a Love Bunny. Don’t pay for overpriced drinks at the club, pay $20 for a bottle of Titos at the store and get your own mixers.

Bunnies are playing dirty games, teasing your curiosities, and best of all, giving you the best dances of your life. Want to really go out with a bang? Watch our signature sex show and I’ll watch you wipe the drool from your mouth. Make it rain on the Bunnies during the show and watch them get even wilder! Our Bunnies have an amazing chemistry with each other. Who wouldn’t want to watch them please and tease? Your party isn’t a party without the Love Bunnies. Period! Celebrate your these rare, special moments with your friends Love Bunnies style. You’ll go down as a legend, you will be known as the hero in your group FOREVER.

The Popularity of Sports Draft Fantasy Parties

Fantasy sports draft gatherings have taken off as a global cultural phenomenon, enthralling sports fans everywhere. These gatherings, which frequently feature friendship, rivalry, and celebration, have become more and more well-liked over time. This essay explores the social, competitive, and entertaining elements that make sports draft fantasy parties a vital part of the experience of being a sports fan and examines the factors that contribute to their widespread appeal.

Strengthening Social ties

Fantasy sports draft gatherings are a great way for friends, family, and coworkers to get together and build a sense of community and togetherness. These events foster a social setting where attendees may bond over their love of sports and forge stronger bonds with one another.

Fantasy sports leagues sometimes include people from different backgrounds who might not otherwise interact, which can lead to friendships and networking opportunities. These gatherings promote interaction among attendees, which fosters the growth of new networks and friendships. The common objective of winning the fantasy league promotes unity and gets beyond conflicts.

Fantasy sports leagues and the associated draft parties can be used as team-building exercises in the workplace. Workplace dynamics, communication, and morale all improve as a result of coworkers connecting over their love of sports.

c) Family Bonding: Fantasy sports give family members a chance to connect over a shared passion. For instance, parents and kids can engage in rivalry while strengthening their bond and making priceless memories.

A spirit of competition

Sports draft fantasy parties are more popular because of their competitive atmosphere. The difficulty of assembling the ideal fantasy sports team and facing off against their peers appeals to participants. The total experience is made more exciting and richer by this competitive atmosphere.

a) Strategic Thinking: Research, analysis, and strategic thinking are necessary to build a successful fantasy team. Participants must assess matchups, evaluate player statistics, and make important decisions regarding their draft picks and lineup choices. The mental strain of outwitting rivals keeps players interested and invested.

b) Friendly Competition: Friendly competition between friends and coworkers can be exciting. A venue for friendly rivalries, trash talking, and banter, fantasy sports leagues increase the overall enjoyment of the sporting season.

c) Rewards and Appreciation: The champions of many fantasy leagues receive rewards, trophies, or bragging rights. Participants are motivated to remain dedicated and competitive throughout the season by their desire to get praise and awards.

Comprehensive Sports Knowledge

Understanding the sports being played more thoroughly is necessary when participating in fantasy sports. Players must keep up with team dynamics, player performances, and game data. For those who appreciate sports, this quest for information adds even another level of delight.

A greater variety of games and teams are followed by followers of fantasy sports, strengthening their bond with the game. A deeper understanding of the game’s nuances is frequently the result of this increased engagement.

b) Real-Time Updates: In the digital age, fantasy sports platforms offer real-time player performance updates, enabling users to follow the development of their teams and take prompt action. The experience is made more thrilling and urgent by the real-time component.

Amusement Value

Fantasy sports drafts provide a fun and engaging experience that goes beyond watching traditional sports. These events feature entertainment components that appeal to a wide audience.

A highlight of the party is the live draft, which involves strategic decision-making and high-stakes anticipation. The atmosphere becomes packed with excitement as players choose, much like the buildup to a live sporting event.

b) Interactive Experience: A lot of fantasy sports systems have interactive elements like message boards, trading opportunities, and live chat, allowing players to connect with one another and the game in real-time.

b) Seasonal Entertainment: Fantasy sports keep fans entertained all through the athletic calendar. Week after week, participants are still involved as they evaluate player performance, alter the roster, and engage in rivalry.

Financial Incentive

Sports draft fantasy parties are made more engaging and motivating by the possibility of earning cash prizes or entrance fees. Some leagues require buy-ins, and participants compete for a cash prize pool, raising the stakes and rewarding the experience.

a) Investment in Success: Participants are more dedicated to the success of their fantasy teams when there are financial stakes involved. The chance to make money heightens the excitement and drive to assemble a winning lineup.

b) High Stakes Leagues: High stakes fantasy leagues draw serious participants who are prepared to put in time and effort into study and strategy because there is a lot at stake. These leagues have a chance to be extremely competitive and elite.

c) Economic Impact: The expansion of allied industries, such fantasy sports applications, merchandising, and advertising, has been facilitated by the popularity of sports draft fantasy parties, opening up new business opportunities and bolstering regional economies.

Due to their capacity to foster interpersonal relationships, foster competition, increase sports knowledge, give entertainment value, and provide financial incentives, sports draft fantasy parties have become a cultural phenomenon. These events are more than just social gatherings; they are a bright and dynamic addition to the experience of being a sports fan. Sports draft fantasy parties will stay a beloved tradition for sports fans throughout the world as fantasy sports continue to develop and become more and more well-liked, bringing together friends, family, and coworkers in the quest for success and fellowship.

Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas

Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas

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